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Book: Trust Your Journey By Sana AlBuainain
New Release
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Trust Your Journey is a collection of thought provoking daily inspirations, guiding you to connect with your souls purpose, to live the best version of yourself and to better understand your mind, body, and heart connection. The perceptive messages are grouped within six chapters; Letting Go, Beginning, Dreaming, Connecting, Loving and Becoming. Each inspiration is followed by self-connecting questions that can be practiced in your day-to-day life.

Written by Dr. Sana Albuainian, whose life philosophy gained through many years of professional and personal challenges and growth, meshes principles of self-development, spirituality, and mindfulness. Her inspiring words encourage you to reach for your dreams, to discover your true calling, to trust your intuition, and to follow an authentic and fulfilling life journey.

Whatever your role, your pathway in life, or your personal philosophy, Trust Your Journey, challenges you to look deep within yourself and uncover the transformative power of soul alignment.

180 pages. Date of Release: April 2021.
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Book: LIBAN une histoire de cuisine familiale d'amour et de partage, by Tara Khattar
New Release
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Celui qui a got la cuisine maison du Liban nen oublie jamais le got.

Tara Khattar, jeune cheffe libanaise talentueuse, qui vit aux tats-Unis et qui a gagn lmission amricaine Chopped aprs avoir particip Top Chef, en France vous invite aujourdhui entrer dans son intimit culinaire pour partager avec vous les saveurs si particulires dune cuisine familiale et authentique.

Chacune des 100 RECETTES de ce livre est un hommage rendu lhritage que ses grands-mres lui ont lgu en cuisine.

Elle a tout appris de leurs mains et elle tente, avec succs, de transmettre ce bonheur quelle ressent chaque recette ralise. Pour que chacun puisse se sentir chez soi dans nimporte quelle cuisine.

20 x 25.7 cm, 288 pages. Franais. Published: 2021
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Book: Chateau Musar The Story of a Wine Icon
New Release
Brand: N/A
Chateau Musars story is one of war, hardship and utter determination in the face of chaos and destruction. Serge Hochar, the heroic Lebanese winemaker who stood by his wines through the 15 years of civil war (19751990) dodging shells and road-blocks to get his precious grapes to safety, knew that his wines were among the brightest stars in the world wine firmament. Today we look at the uniquely complex (and often miraculous) wines he created and begin to understand how and why Serge worked in the way he did. Only now, in a new era of Natural Wines do we fully appreciate what he was trying to achieve

Our new book celebrates Chateau Musar its history, its terroir, the philosophy of its winemaker, and the legacy that the Hochar family (Ronald, Gaston, Marc and Ralph) continue today alongside its remarkable catalogue of vintages and stunning new releases from the winery in 2020.

Musar has attracted a loyal fan base around the world since Michael Broadbent first discovered the wine in 1979. Today, vintage collectors, food lovers, A-list sommeliers and the many of us who look for a wine with something distinctively different to say, are drawn to its unique character and fashionably hands-off approach to viticulture and winemaking. Our new title charts Musars journey from Lebanese rising star to global taste sensation.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Book: I ll Love You from Afar (for Children)
New Release
Brand: Luqoom
Written by Racha Mourtada; Illustrated by Sasha Haddad

We all feel like weve missed out on our fair share of hugs and physical affection this year because of the coronavirus.

'Ill Love You from Afar' is an ode to all the wonderful and imaginative ways we can still love each other while were apartlike using singing whales and writing notes in the stars!

With whimsical illustrations and rhyming text, this children's book is a sweet reminder for people of all ages that we can love each other no matter how near or far.

Ages: 4+

Format: 26 x 26 cm, 32 pages. Arabic

Release Date: October 15, 2020
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Book: كتاب  معا إلى الأبد ، كارول وكارلوس غصن
New Release
Brand: N/A
.قصة حب و صمود في مواجهة الظلم

مــن جهتهــا، تتحدث كارول الزوجــة والحبيبة عن خيبــة أملها من الجهــات التي كان
يفتــرض أن تســاند زوجهــا، وتــروي إصرارهــا على مســاندته ومســاعدته للخروج من
.محنته إيمانا منها ببراءته
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Book: كتاب العرض الأخير - سيرة سيلَما طرابلس , by Hady Zaccak
New Release
Brand: N/A
عُرفت السينما في الأوساط الشعبيّة الطرابلسيّة باسم "سيلَما" واحتلّت مكانةً مهمّة في حياة المدينة، امتدّت من الثلاثينيّات إلى نهاية القرن العشرين.
يروي هذا الكتاب سيرة صعود وازدهار "سيلَما" فتتكوّن المعابد والطقوس والقصص والأفلام والنجوم وتتشابك السينما مع حياة مدينة عربيّة اختبرت كل أنواع الأفلام في حياتها.
تواكب "سيلَما" تاريخ طرابلس المعاصر قبل أن تسلّم روحها مخلّفة إرثاً كبيراً من الصور والأصوات.

The Last Screening A biography of Cilama Tripoli

618 pages, 31 x 25 cm, Arabic.

Date of Publish: August 2021, ZAC Films

Weight: 6.6 Kgs.