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CD Tania Saleh: 10 A.D., 2021 Album
New Release
Brand: N/A
Tania Saleh's new CD. Tracks:

1. Anyone But You : Illa Fik - w+m: Tania Saleh

2. The Fortune Teller : Bassara Barrajeh - w+m:Tania Saleh

3. I Hate Everything : Bikrah - w+m: Tania Saleh

4. A Corner In Your Heart : Korneh Bi Albak - w+m: Tania Saleh

5. You Are Going Astray : Inta Rayeh Fein - w+m: Tania Saleh

6. We Are In a Fix : Halitna Haleh - w+m: Tania Saleh

7. Nameless Relationship : Dim Imma - w+m: Tania Saleh

8. Caveman : Mghara - w+m: Tania Saleh

9. The Fan : El Marwaha - w+m: Tania Saleh

10. The Most Beautiful Love Story : Ahla Osset Gharam - w+m: Tania Saleh

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CD Pol: In My Lonesomeness EP
New Release
Brand: N/A
'In My Lonesomeness' is the debut EP by Lebanese Singer-songwriter Pol. The EP is a collection of 5 songs, born from Pol's need to spread her love for music and nature, and drawing inspiration from personal experiences in love and heartbreak.

Developed and intimately recorded with friends, the EP explores several musical styles from Pop to Indie Rock, with a mix of acoustic and electronic, alternating feelings of glee, idleness, hope and melancholy, all held together by Pol's soft airy vocals, and honest yet quirky Lyricism.

1-Conversation With A Stranger
2-Little Miss Sunshine
3-We Run
4-Cold Hearted People
5-In My Lonesomeness

Released: July 2019
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CD Fayha Choir, Oumeima El Khalil: Sawt
New Release
Brand: N/A
Music by: Marcel Khalife

1-Aatabat al Thalji written by Elias Lahoud
2-Sa'a written by Joseph Harb
3-Ya Habibi written by Mansour Rahbani
4-Muwashah written by Abido Basha
5-Aa Mahlak written by Talal Haydar
6-An Tuhib written by Marwan Makhoul
7-Rihla Fil Ouyun written by Nizar Kabbani
8-Sulayma written by Nasheed Al Anasheed - Louis Khalife / Youhanna Koumeir
9-Shu Sar written byBoutros Rouhana
10-Ghadan written by Zahi Wehbe
11-Usghi written by Mahmoud Darwishe
Weight: 0.12 Kgs.