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CD & DVD Hiba Tawaji: Live in Byblos
Produced by Oussama Rahbani.

2 CDs + 1 DVD (featuring the 2015 Byblos Concert).

Release: September 2016
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CD & DVD Tania Kassis: Live at L Olympia (PAL)
Box contains 1 audio CD and 1 DVD (PAL, zone 2 Recording)

Internationally known for her famous Islamo-Christian AVE (An Ave Maria to the sound of the Muezzin "Allah Akbar"), enjoy Tania Kassis' unforgettable concert at the legendary Olympia venue in Paris, where she was the first Lebanese singer to perform on this prestigious stage since 1998.
This concert, combining Oriental and Occidental influences with her unique musical style that has already reached many countries, was held right before her wonderful Christmas concert at the Lebanese Presidential Palace, this december.
Special Guest: French-Lebanese modern singer Jhony Maalouf, discovered by the TV show « The Voice » on TF1.

1. J’ai deux amours (Music: Vincent Scotto, Lyrics: Koger Geo, Henri Vantard)
2. Ounchoudat Bayrout (Music & Arrangement: Fabrice Mantegna, Lyrics: Ahmad Abed el Nabeh)
3. Albi Dalili (Music: Mohamed el Kassabguy, Lyrics: Abou el Séoud el Ibari)
4. I believe (with Jhony Maalouf) (Music & Lyrics: Eric Levi)
5. Chou ma sar (Music & Arrangement: Jad Mhanna, Lyrics: Ahmad Abdel Nabeh)
6. La cumparsita / Aatini el naya (Music: Rodriguez Gerard O Matos / Najib Hankash
Lyrics: Enrique Predro Maroni, Pascual Contursi / Gibran Khalil Gibran, Arrangement: Tania Kassis)
7. Les parapluies de Cherbourg (Music: Michel Legrand, Lyrics : Jacques Demy)
8. You Raise me up (Jhony Maalouf) (Music & Arrangement: Rolf Lovland, Lyrics: Joseph Graham Brendan)
9. Islamo-Christian Ave (with Maen Zakaria & Mahmoud Massaad) (Music: Giulio Caccini
Arrangement: Tania Kassis & Michel Fadel)
10. Taqasim
11. Jerusalem (Music & Lyrics: Tania Kassis, Arrangement: Tania Kassis & Nagib Saab)
12. One last dance (Music & Arrangement: Michel & Olivier Leclerc, Lyrics: Tania Kassis)
13. L’amour est un tango (Music & Arrangement: Michel Fadel, Lyrics: Tania Kassis)
14. Ya habibi Taala (Music: Farid El Atrach, Lyrics: Ahmed Galal)
15. Padam padam (Music: Norbert Glanzberg,
Lyrics: Henri Contet)
16. The Phantom Of The Opera (with Jhony Maalouf)(Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics: Michael Philip Batt, Charles Clinton, Ilson Hart, Richard Henry Zachary Stilgoe)
17. Trabak Ya Lebnan (Music & Lyrics: Elias Rahbani)

Recorded Live on October 19, 2012.
Release Date: May 2013.
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CD Hiba Al Kawas: Oughannika Habibi
Brand: A. Chahine & Sons (VDL).
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1. Takounani wa akounak
2. Takounani wa akounak (mousika)
3. Almawa3id
4. Almawa3id (mousika)
5. Tashkou zalam el leyl
6. Tashkou zalam el leyl (mousika)
7. Oghannika habibi
8. Oghannika habibi (mousika)
9. Badiyet el hikaya
10. Badiyet el hikaya (mousika)

Album Release: 1996.
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CD Magida El Roumi: Magida El Roumy (Vol. 1)
Brand: A. Chahine & Sons (VDL).
Note: a combination of 8 CDs makes 1 Kg of shipping.

1. Khozni Habibi
2. Matrahak bi Kalbi
3. Kel Shi aam Yekhlas
4. Widaaa
5. Amm Yiskalouni Aaleyk
6. Nab3 el Mahabba
7. Ounshoudat el Ommahat
8. Ounshoudat el Ommahat (Mousica)

(If you like traditional Lebanese music, check our collection of CD releases in the music section)
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CD Marcel Khalife Mahmud Darwish Andalusia of Love
Note: a combination of 8 CDs makes 1 Kg of shipping.
Weight: 0.12 Kgs.  Price: $15
CD Melhem Zein: El Jerh Elli Baadou (2017 Album)
New Release
CD Melhem Zein: El Jerh Elli Baadou (2017 Album)

1-El Jerh Elli Baado
3-Enti Omorini
4-El Aadl Ya Habibti
5-Wrak el Kharif
6-Kel Shi Elo Niyehi
7-Kalbi el Jehlen
8-Dalli Edhaki
10-Alfein Marra
11-Beesha'k Kellk
12-Heyye Eli

Album Release: 2017, Arabic.
Weight: 0.12 Kgs.  Price: $13
CD Setrak Setrakian: Piano Volumes I and II
Note: a combination of any 8 CDs on our web site makes 1 Kg of shipping.

Setrak Setrakian is a Lebanese Composer and Pianist with an extensive background of over 400 compositions. He was for 12 years Director of Ganatchian Music College/Beirut from 1987 to 1999.

Piano Vol 1 L. Van Beethoven

1. Sonata No. 1. Op. 2 No. 1
2. Sonata No. 17. Op.31 No. 2
3. Sonata No. 23. Op. 57
4. Sonata No. 14. Op.27 No. 2

Piano Vol 2

1. J. Brahms - Sonata No. 2, Op.2
2. Busoni - Bach - Toccata and Fugue in d minor
3. Khatchadurian - Setrakian - Sabre Dance
4. F. Liszt, La Campanella
5. F. Liszt, Concert Etude No. 3
6. R. Schumann, Criesleriana Op. 16

"Besides being a great friend, Setrak Antoine Setrakian is definitely an important musician able to write rivers of music without interruption, rapidly and instinctively. Setrak, gifted with an innate absolute pitch and profundity of soul, is always able to "read between the lines" and masterfully interpret life's moments. His music leaps from the heart, suddenly and instinctively, not always respectful of accademic rules, and is accompanied by a quest for purity of tones amongst the multiplicity of sounds. I am truly grateful to have known Setrak the man and the artist, and I gladly dedicate this page to his cause: that he might soon be discovered and valued.

Alessandro G. Simonetto, Composer and Pianist, proprietor of Kunst der Fuge.
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CD Various VDL CD508
Brand: A. Chahine & Sons (VDL).
Note: a combination of 8 CDs makes 1 Kg of shipping.

Huda Rouhana: Habibi Behebb Ettesh
Mona Marachly: Chamss El Maghareb
Amal Tomb: Al Baladi
Hiyam Younés: Dek Bouab Ennass
Marouan Mahfouz: Khayes Koun Eshektek
Magida El Roumi: Amm Behlamak
Walid Toufic: Ya Zariine Ya Leila
Joseph Sakr: El Hale Te'bane Ya Leila
Fadwa Obeid: Aktar Ma Baddo Baddi
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CD Wadi Al Safi: Al Sawt el Safi (The Best of)
Brand: A. Chahine & Sons (VDL).
Note: a combination of 8 CDs makes 1 Kg of shipping.

1. Jayin Ya Arz el Jabal.
2. Mijana wa Aataba
3. Ya Wayl
4. Hali
5. El Nejmat Sarou Yeskalou
6. Ya em el Dafayer
7.Talle3ni Darja Darja
8.Oouyounak Akhadouni
9. Ya Sakrit el Mina
10. Ouyouna el Kehli
11. Atalouni Ooyouna el Soud
12. Jina el dar
13. Eendi Jara
14. En Jad el Jad
15. Tallit Tetmakhtar
16. Kento Hanayin
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CD Wadi Al Safi: Raje3 min Jdid
Note: a combination of 8 CDs makes 1 Kg of shipping.

Release: 2017

1. Dekellak 3al Rababe
2. Shayef Seher
3. Tzakkaret
4. Bfakker Fik
5. Shou Byehla Kalami
6. Asfour Sawtak
7. Rab El Jamal
8. Raje3 Min Jdid
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CD Ziad Rahbani: Bema Enno
Brand: A. Chahine & Sons (VDL).
Note: a combination of 8 CDs makes 1 Kg of shipping.

1. Doukhoul
2. Hek Btaamet Hek
3. AAtaba
4. Eltili
5. Al Jaw Haliyann
6. AAtaba
7. Talfan Aayash
8. AAtaba
9. Bemaa Enno
10. Raksat el Eers
11. Marba el Dalal
12. AAtaba
13. Aflaton
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CD Ziad Rahbani: Nazl Assourour (L Auberge du)
Brand: A. Chahine & Sons (VDL).
Double CD
Note: a combination of 8 CDs makes 1 Kg of shipping.

L'Auberge du Bonheur.
The complete original cast recording of the popular musical play. With the participation of Joseph Sakr.
Weight: 0.12 Kgs.  Price: $27.25
Lebanese Music Bundle
Brand: A. Chahine & Sons (VDL).'s selection of 8 CDs from Lebanon's greatest music artists / singers / composers / pianists: ($15/CD, delivered worldwide!)

1-Wadi Al Safi: Al Sawt el Safi (The Best of)
2-Ziad Rahbani: Bema Enno
3-Magida El Roumi: Magida El Roumi (Vol. 1)
4-Fairuz: Fairuz (The Very Best of 2)
5-Sabah: Favourites
6-Nasri Shamseddine: Best of
7-Zaki Nassif: Best of
8-Rahbaniyat: Favourite songs Vol.1
Weight: 1 Kg.  Price: $120 Delivered -> (Goods: $100 + Ship: $20)
This product: price includes shipping worldwide!