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Everything is in perfect order. I shall soon place an other order for Tahina. Yours is among the nicest one I have ever used.
Teresa M. Switzerland 16/06/2024

The package arrived today with all the items, including the five boxes of cookies exactly as I requested. The timing was perfect. Thank you very much. Happy Eid el Adha!
Ranwa H. USA 15/06/2024

You guys are amazing!!!!!
Jamilia G. USA 08/06/2024

My package was delivered today and all is well. Nicely and safely packaged.
Elias N. USA 06/06/2024

Thank you very much! I received my order in perfect condition.
Aya A. USA 07/05/2024

Thank you for the delivery. I got it today and all is very well packed.
Spiridon E. Switzerland 23/04/2024

I received my CD today. I bought it for my wife and she loved it sooo much, it is in her car right now. Thank you again and Happy Easter.
Ibrahim D. USA 06/04/2024

The flowers were delivered & beautiful. Thank you.
Dorine E. USA 21/03/2024

Thanks a lot for the extra soap. Everything was in a great condition.
Rita M. USA 15/03/2024

Got my package in time and all is good. Thanks!
David G. USA 01/03/2024

I would like to say how pleased I am with my first experience in buying something from Buy Lebanese. Our communication regarding the order and delivery has been excellent. The packaging was impressive. I am always uncertain when I order something for the first time from a company overseas. I am confident in Buy Lebanese and will continue placing orders with you.
Steve D. USA 20/02/2024

Got my package! Thanks again for everything, and including an extra DVD that was very nice.
Pascal I. USA 14/02/2024

Everything was received in excellent condition as it always is. A pleasure doing business with you.
Keith B. USA 31/01/2024

My order is well received. Thanks again for the gift.
Fadi B. USA 24/01/2024

We just received the shipment. Thanks. The bread looks good on all its aspects including the freshness and the packaging.
Ziad E. USA 11/01/2024

Thank you so much for processing the order so exclusively. It was so kind of you to go ahead and send a poinsettia of what was available. You definitely made a better choice than I did!! Thank you.
Lina K. Germany 02/01/2024

All is ok as usual. Thanks a lot.
Rita M. USA 15/12/2023

My package was delivered an hour ago. Thanks a lot for your great service.
Rita M. USA 08/12/2023

I just received my order. Thank you very much. Excellent and fast service.
Nermeen S. USA 28/11/2023

We got the products. Delicious.
Nina E. USA 21/11/2023

I am very happy with the products - thank you!
Jamie F. Australia 07/11/2023

I received the Package yesterday thank you for everything and special for the pot of jam.
Spiridon E. Switzerland 21/10/2023

Thank you very much. Everything is perfect. Have a great weekend.
Amel C. Canada 20/10/2023

I got my kishk yesterday. Opened the package and made a big batch of it. Ate it all. Delicious.
Edna D. USA 20/10/2023

We just got the package, thank you for the good products and service.
Spiridon E. Switzerland 29/09/2023

Les sacs de zaatar et le reste sont arrivs, et sont bons. Best always
Chadia A. USA 21/09/2023

I received your shipment yesterday and everything looks good.
John H. USA 06/09/2023

Thank you for the pomegranate molasses. Im spreading the words and telling friends and family to use your website.
Rita M. USA 22/08/2023

I just received the package a few minutes ago. I opened it and every thing looks in order and I am extremely pleased. Thank you for your help and patience working with me.
Anis S. USA 15/08/2023

Just a little word to thank you profusely for my order. The Honey is delicious!
Lolita K. Canada 11/08/2023

The package arrived very fast and in perfect condition. I will be ordering another package to be delivered to my daughter in Seattle.
Ranwa H. USA 07/08/2023

Thank you very much for following up. My brother did confirm receipt of his order. Thank you for sending him a piece of Lebanon. Makes the whole family happy.
Robert H. USA 02/08/2023

Thank you so much for the follow up!! Order is well received!
Christelle H. Singapore 07/06/2023

Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived and everything looked good. The bread made it and it is still fresh. Thank you so much for everything!
Poucette R. USA 07/06/2023

My friend Souzanne (grew up in Lebanon but left when still a child) absolutely loved the products. All of them were favorites of hers growing up! Thanks so much for the fast shipping.
Ruben P. USA 03/06/2023

Everything arrived in perfect condition as usual. Thank you! The olive oil is a hit so Ill be ordering more. Keep it in stock!
Poucette R. USA 05/05/2023

I just received my order 279508 and everything was perfect. Your customer service is great and my order came in perfect condition to the United States. Thanks again for the great service and product. What a great company.
Lodi S. USA 05/05/2023

I received my order this week. The sweets are amazing! Im so proud to order Lebanese!! Take care and hope to buy more in the future.
Heba E. USA 30/04/2023

Thank you! Will be purchasing more items shortly.
Christopher T. USA 15/04/2023

Thank you for the quick delivery of the pine nuts. Yours are so much much better than what we can buy in the shops in The Netherlands.
Nel V. The Netherldands 13/04/2023

I wanted to sincerely thank you. I received my package earlier than excepted. And was impressed how everything arrived in great shape! Thank you so much.
Im sure the items that were delivered are top notch. Thanks for the nuts. Very kind of you.
Rouba W. Canada 11/04/2023

Im sure the items that were delivered are top notch. Thanks for the nuts. Very kind of you.
Caroline E. USA 09/04/2023

The package was delivered today, successfully! I am amazed at the speed with which this package reached us, thank you very much, and best wishes for a happy Easter.
Ranwa H. USA 06/04/2023

Thank you for the amazing service. The order was perfect, and the delivery was so fast I couldn't believe it traveled overseas.
Sylvia M. USA 04/04/2023

Thanks very much! Everything arrived so quickly and in great condition. Appreciate your service.
Kaela A. Australia 04/04/2023

Thanks so much for the quick shipping. The maaaa alzahir is outstanding, i hope they keep same quality. Looking forward to doing more business with you.
Isam B. USA 18/03/2023

Wow!!! My husband sent me the product photos now, and I appreciated so much, how thoughtful and whimsical you were. An excellent service!! Thank you for everything.
Majida B. Italy 15/02/2023

I received both packages. Thanks a lot for your great customer service.
Rita M. USA 10/02/2023

Delighted with your goodies. Arrived today safely in fine condition. If shipping wasnt so expensive, I could be be a regular customer and recommend your company.
Saul C. USA 10/02/2023

My husband sent the photos of the items ordered and we are both very happy with them.
Ismat S. UK 08/02/2023

Love the products! Easy ordering and everything arrived in tact! Will definitely shop with you again. Thanks!
Kirkland H. USA 01/02/2023

Everything was fine, and the package arrived sooner than originally anticipated. Thank you for the excellent service, and I'm sure you will hear from me again.
Sally M. USA 29/01/2023

Thank you for this great service!!! I didn't think it's gonna be this fast!! You definitely won a new customer! You made my day. Thank you so much!
Sally M. USA 14/01/2023

I am very satisfied with your service. Thank you.
Isabelle N. Canada 12/01/2023

Order received and everything perfect. I love the wetland bird book especially. With the QR codes to hear the calls. So great. A way to visit wilderness in Lebanon when you can't actually visit Lebanon. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Thoraiya D. Australia 25/12/2022

Everything arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thank you so much and best wishes to you and your family this Christmas. And as always the service was excellent.
Louis Z. USA 24/12/2022

Incredible personalized service!!Merry Xmas!!
Kim G. Lebanon 24/12/2022

I received my package in great shape. Thank you.
Arpee Y. USA 22/12/2022

This morning I received the pomegranate molasses by DHL truck, very beautifully packed.
All my best to you, best of luck, and please keep in touch.
Arjuna I. Thailand 22/12/2022

I received both packages and Im 200% satisfied with the quality, the packaging, quickness, and the customer service. Definitely will keep ordering.
Rita M. USA 21/12/2022

I received the parcel this afternoon our time. Thank you for the professional service.
Peter J. Australia 21/12/2022

Everything arrived perfectly, as always. Thanks!!
Ahmad H. Canada 20/12/2022

Everything was wonderful as usual and especially the olive oil!! It is really good. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope the New Year will be prosperous for all!
Poucette R. USA 19/12/2022

I so appreciate your company and the ability to shop from Lebanon. Looking forward to shopping again soon. Happy Holidays and very best wishes for Happy New Year!
Susan S. USA 18/12/2022

Everything arrived intact and it looks good. Keep up the good work!
Ziad A. Canada 27/11/2022

My package was delivered! Thank you very much for the excellent customer service.
Ranwa H. USA 11/11/2022

I just want to thank you for your great service and prompt responses. I received the box today, and all bags, box, and bubble wraps are intact and in a great shape. I was very eager to try some tonight and realized Im out of olive oil; that was a bummer. LOL.
Tomorrow I will get some oil to make a mix. But, I tasted a spoonful of dry Zaatar of the type in paper envelopes, and I like it.Thanks again.
George C. USA 08/11/2022

Everything is perfect and the book really extraordinary. The only downer: It makes me miss BEY even more but I hope to make it back to next year.
And: Its always interesting to see how the packages travel from Lebanon to Switzerland. Thanks again for your perfect service and communication!
Oliver A. Switzerland 02/11/2022

Thank you so much for the wonderful kishk. I am amazed at how quickly it arrived. It not only fulfilled all my expectations of taste, it also warmed my soul knowing it came from Lebanon. May God bless all the hands involved in making this possible.
Bryan A. USA 25/10/2022

Thank you! Received my package and bragged on you on my fb page!
Beth D. USA 16/10/2022

Thank you so much for your outstanding service! The recipients of the package send you their warmest regards. They were delighted, and so was I. Excellent products coupled with excellent service! I sincerely hope that your exceptional business continues to grow throughout the world.
Roger N. USA 14/10/2022

I have received the package. Excellent service. Have a good weekend.
Aurore P. UK 25/09/2022

Everything was received in good shape. Thanks.
Ziad E. USA 21/09/2022

Received my package and everything is in order and good.
Anis S. USA 21/09/2022

Thank you sooo much for the Royal Treatment. It was such a great surprise today, to first receive the two boxes ordered by my brother in the U.S. and now, picked up the whole lot I had ordered mainly for my friends. My hearty salamaat.
Randa H. Germany 14/09/2022

Thank you so much. Always nice to order some good stuff from you! I got a few friends hooked too!
Roland B. USA 01/09/2022

Thank you for the wonderful news! I am overjoyed to know we will be having some Pure Lebanese Goodies! Alf Choukran!
Lolita K. Canada 25/08/2022

Wonderful! Thank you. Excellent customer service!
Elisabeth R. USA 15/08/2022

I received the order yesterday and was very happy with the wrapping quality and the products freshness.
Thanks a lot. Very happy with your service. Definitely will order again from your website and spread the word about your company.
Rita M. USA 11/08/2022

The package arrived safely in excellent condition. That was so FAST! Thank you very much.
Kim G. USA 08/08/2022

Everything was perfect as usual. Thank you for a superb service despite the situation. Courage to all of you.
Poucette R. USA 04/08/2022

I just wanted to let you know that the books have arrived in perfect condition, and I am very happy with them. As I suspected,, the book contains some ingredients that may be very difficult to find in the rural United States. I might have found them in Brooklyn, NY, which is where I am originally from. Nonetheless, I am very pleased with both books, and I'm glad that I found them on your website. Thank you.
Thomas S. USA 26/07/2022

Everything is great as usual. Thank you for including the extra bag of Kri Kri and for letting me know about it because I was wondering why I ordered an odd number of bags.
Poucette R. USA 21/07/2022

I am more than happy... I am making my family beme tomorrow with the Debs el Remman. A true taste of Lebanon. Thank you.
Hanaa B. Australia 13/07/2022

This is to inform you that my order was received and all merchandise was in good order. Thank you so much!
The first thing I did was I made a sandwich (aroosy) using the Khebz Markouk. In it I put labneh, zaatar, fresh mint, olives, and zeit zeitoun. I warmed the sandwich in the toaster oven. On the side I sliced tomato and I cut a cucumber. That was my dinner. It was so delicious and reminded me of my younger days in Lebanon.
Stay healthy and take care,
Anis S. USA 04/05/2022

We got everything, it was perfect, thank you!
Erin A. USA 22/04/2022

Merchandise arrived safely yesterday! Thank you very much for such prompt service.
Lila H. USA 13/04/2022

Love the marzipan. Amazing. Thanks so much.
Glee N. USA 13/04/2022

Glad to say my order arrived today in perfect condition. I must admit i was a little bit anxious when i was initially informed that my order was going to be delayed. But let me hasten to add that the order was well worth the wait. Thank you for providing a very good standard of online shopping, which believe me is not easy to find in the middle east.
Rasha A. Bahrain 11/04/2022

Package very well received! Thank you for your excellent service.
Sherine A. France 07/04/2022

My brother has received his package and had nothing but compliments on the quality of your products.
Adelina D. USA 06/04/2022

Everything was received in good shape. Thanks.
Ziad E. USA 13/03/2022

I have received my package. Everything is great, thank you!
Thoraiya D. Australia 09/03/2022

Thank you so much worth every penny its so fresh and soft i was remembering the last time i was in Beirut in 2000 shukran.
Rose S. USA 09/03/2022

Thank you, everything was great!
Elisabetta C. USA 08/02/2022

Order well received, thank you.
Maya T. Singapore 08/02/2022

I received my order ahead of schedule. I am very happy and satisfied with BuyLebanese service. Thank you.
Christine G. USA 30/01/2022

We did get our package on Monday in very good shape. Thank you again.
Sylvia M. USA 28/01/2022

Thank you so much. I am very happy with the your service and the purchase. I will try them and definitely will order more!
Rana G. USA 17/01/2022

The parcel arrived safely and timely. Thank you and your team for making shopping at BuyLebanese such a pleasant experience always.
Youmna H. Hong Kong 09/01/2022

Thanks alot i have received my books. Thanks for being quick and on time.
Najma A. Oman 06/01/2022

I have just received the package, thanks a million. I have quite a bit of guest for the occasion and your last gesture made my day.
Elia A. USA 24/12/2021

Really and truly so grateful!. My in-laws were so pleased with their gifts also. You have an excellent business and beautiful customer care.
Kimla S. USA 24/12/2021

The pastry shipments made it on time yesterday. We sample some ahead of the intended gathering day, they are great.
Elia A. USA 23/12/2021

Excellent Service !Thank you very much for the quick processing and the extra bag of Nuts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Ziad A. USA 20/12/2021

As usual the food is beyond good. Your gift is highly appreciated.
Elie G. USA 19/12/2021

The package arrived in excellent condition. Thanks for the bonus treats! We will enjoy during these stay at home holidays.
Regina G. USA 18/12/2021

Ma commande est parfaite, merci beaucoup pour la rapidit. Joyeuses ftes
Veronique M. Reunion Island 18/12/2021

I have received the book, all good. In few words ,you are more professional than international online companies.
Peter J. Ausralia 10/12/2021

Parcel received, super fast delivery. Thank you BuyLebanese.
Khalid A. Bahrain 09/12/2021

Thank you so much! Everything was perfect!
Nada B. USA 08/12/2021

Excellent service as always for many years!Take care.
Regina E. USA 07/12/2021

Absolutely perfect as usual!!! Happy holidays to you and yours.
Frank C. USA 04/12/2021

Everything arrived in good shape. Thanks
Ziad E. USA 19/11/2021

Tremendous customer service - thank you!
Amanda S. USA 18/11/2021

I have received my coffee and very satisfied with your service. Best wishes.
Lina M. New Zealand 18/11/2021

Got the package - all good!
Karim A. Singapore 17/11/2021

The book arrived very quickly. Wishing you all the best.
Sara K. UK 12/11/2021

The package arrived safely, no problems and the manaeesh and the sweets are delicious! I will certainly order again.
Peter C. Switzerland 08/11/2021

Thank you! I am very satisfied!
Grace B. USA 05/11/2021

I got the replacement yesterday. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. Great customer service!
Cosette S. USA 06/10/2021

Thank you once again! I would buy more of your food products but I am on a strict diet, no bread, no sugar etc... but I will certainly order from you again.
Isabelle N. Canada 25/09/2021

Im writing to confirm my order has been delivered, I am very pleased with it, and I will definitely re-order again in the future. Thank you for an excellent service.
Sam L. UK 22/09/2021

Ive received the package today.Thank you very much for your support and great services!
Antonia B. Hungary 09/09/2021

Package received and the products are very nice.
John L. USA 20/08/2021

I have received the package and everything is in order. The quality of the products seems great, and I am impressed by the speed of delivery. Ordering from your company has been a good experience and I may well do so again when I run out of products.
Jostein H. Norway 01/08/2021

Your package arrived well and was perfectly taken care of.
Henry F. France 24/07/2021

Everything was in good order Karim. Thank you for your efficient service.
Sona A. USA 24/07/2021

Thank you so much! I had my first glass of Sharab el Tout since 1974! The taste brought back so many memories of the street vendors selling cups of this cool drink on a hot summer's day.
Hanaa B. Australia 14/07/2021

Ordered from Japan and got delivered in 48 hours! Great follow-up, responsive team and most important: bread arrived so fresh! Now looking forward to fresh maamoul for the next order :) Highly recommended!
Alex D. Japan 24/02/2020

Thank you for the timely delivery. I truly appreciate that.
Amer G. USA 12/02/2020

Everything arrived fast and perfect in Switzerland. We love it.
Pierre H. Switzerland 12/02/2020

Just got back into town last night. Delighted to get the package.
Kerry R. USA 12/02/2020

Everything was received in good shape. Thanks so much for the one kg extra of fistok. They are delicious.
Ziad E. USA 09/02/2020

Thank you for the very quick shipment. Today, I received your CDs without any problem.
Takashi H. Japan 30/01/2020

Thank you very much and we are looking forward to eating manakeesh tomorrow!
Sabine A. South Korea 29/01/2020

Thank you for the very quick shipment. Today, I received your CDs without any problem.
Takashi H. Japan 12/01/2020

My package was received ahead of scheduled time. Thank you very much and very happy doing business with your company and I will highly recommend it to all ordering from BuyLebanese.
Christine G. USA 11/01/2020

Thank you so much, best service! Wishing you all the best for 2020.
Diane Z. UK 03/01/2020

Happy New Year and thank you for the extra bottle. I wish you and your company a successful and prosperous year.
Fadi B. USA 03/01/2020

I received my order in great condition and was super impressed with the experience from A-Z! I would not hesitate ordering through you again. Best regards and Happy New Year!
Tamima I. USA 30/12/2019

Thank you so much for the service. It was excellent!
Hachem Z. Lebanon 30/12/2019

I received my order in a very good condition. Thank you so much.
Faiz K. USA 27/12/2019

Thank you Karim. The babies just arrived and I had one maamoul. They are to die for.
Nina E. USA 27/12/2019

Thank you so much for the follow up! I received the package intact!
Caroline G. USA 21/12/2019

Again saying thank you because mum got the present and was delighted with everything. And now you'll be rid of me until the next order ;-) All the best and many wishes for peace in Lebanon.
Zeina M. Germany 21/12/2019

The package arrived safely and in good shape! We have already delivered the pastries to friends who love them!Thank you! Happy Holidays!
Paula M. USA 20/12/2019

I just received the package a few minutes ago. All items are in excellent condition, you folks did an excellent job in packaging. I can tell you that, in the past, I have ordered Indian tea from Darjeeling and Siliguri (West Bengal, India) and I get the teas in three days, same as from Lebanon. I love DHL! Thank you very much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Anis S. USA 19/12/2019

Thank you so much. You guys are the best. Happy Holidays.
John B. USA 18/12/2019

My package was delivered this afternoon! Thank you so much!
Paula M. USA 18/12/2019

I received the bread. Thank you so much.
Georgina D. USA 11/12/2019

Thank you very much for a great service. Will be back soon for more.
Haytham E. UK 03/12/2019

Good morning, order received. Thank you very much. Excellent condition.
Marie M. Australia 02/12/2019

Thank you for the great service. All well delivered and all OK! All the best.
Noura S. UAE 27/11/2019

Thank you so much. Im happy with your excellent customer service.
Paronag M. Australia 24/11/2019

Very satisfied with your products. I appreciate your business.
Sumreen S. USA 15/11/2019

I received the Baklawa the day before yesterday in a very good condition. Thank you for the partial refund's confirmation.
Assad A. Japan 14/11/2019

Everything arrived and its all perfect. Thanks a million for your generosity.
Bouraa B. USA 14/11/2019

Thanks a million, what an amazing service and treatment! Surely recommending.
Mohamed B. UAE 13/11/2019

I just wanted to let you know that the package with coffee arrived this early evening. All was perfect! I can't believe that it was so fast and so efficient. Thank you sooo much! I am proud of Lebanese entrepreneurship and great service. All the best and again many many thanks.
Zeina M. Germany 06/11/2019

The service is always great! I hope and pray that better days are ahead for all of you!
Poucette R. USA 02/11/2019

I received the dvd and everything is perfect! Thank you very much.
Dnis C. France 01/11/2019

Thank you for your quick shipping ! Ireceived your CDs without any problem, today.
Takashi H. Japan 29/10/2019

I received my order without any problems. Thank you.
Jamal J. USA 28/10/2019

Package delivered today. Super fast!
Anthony C. South Africa 28/10/2019

I just received the shipment. I opened it and everything is cool. Have a nice evening.
Elie G. Belgium 17/10/2019

Un tout grand merci pour votre gnrosit et votre service 5 toiles. Rien dire si ce n'est la prochaine commande pour notre plus grand plaisir.
Fadi M. Belgium 13/10/2019

I have received all my orders in good condition. This weekend, I am going to make some Lebanese dish with my friends! It should be a lot of fun!
Sachiko S. Japan 10/10/2019

I'm so happy to have found you on the web! I haven't had Zahr el Laymoun in 20 years! It came to me unscathed! Thank you! You'll be hearing more from me!
Andrea M. USA 30/09/2019

The delivery came today. Excellent. My daughter can't wait to have some dibs bi tahineh tomorrow. Thank you as always for being there. Wishing you continued success.
Julian S. Japan 26/09/2019

The goods have arrived and in good order. Many thanks.
Mark S. Japan 25/09/2019

We just got the Package and zaatar bag, all OK. Thank you for the good products and service.
Spiridon E. Switzerland 20/09/2019

The pastries were delish!! I do appreciate all your help and concern.
Paula M. USA 09/09/2019

I'm so happy to have found you on the web! I haven't had Zahr el Laymoun in 20 years! It came to me unscathed! Thank you! You'll be hearing more from me!
Andrea M. USA 30/08/2019

Thank you! Always happy with! My daughter was thrilled to receive her package.
Youmna H. Hong Kong 30/08/2019

Thank you for your services. The manaish were beautiful, just as expected. This is great also it was a test to see if we can buy Lebanese products.
Elias N. Australia 28/08/2019

Everything arrived in good shape.
Ziad E. USA 22/08/2019

Greetings! Shipment received and its in excellent condition.
Wadee A. KSA 15/08/2019

Just wanted to let you know my order arrived and I am very pleased.
Chris D. Canada 04/08/2019

Thank you very much for the quick delivery, its very much appreciated.
Ali M. Ireland 26/07/2019

I have received the goods and all in good order. Many thanks.
Mark S. Japan 26/07/2019

Thanks. All my family and friends were so pleased! Wonderful company you have.
George M. USA 24/07/2019

Thank you for your excellent service!
Claudio G. Mexico 02/07/2019

The ordered items were well received. Thanks.
Ali M. Hong Kong 28/06/2019

Package received. Great service! Thanks!
Mike B. USA 27/06/2019

Good afternoon Buy Lebanese. We just got the Package (all OK ). Thank you for the good service.
Spiridon E. Switzerland 12/06/2019

We received the package half an hour ago. The quality of the Ballorieh and Basma is a lot better than the first time. They are fresh and delicious. Thank you very much for a super customer service and hope to do business with you in the near future.
Nabil A. USA 31/05/2019

The shirt is very nice and arrived in perfect condition.
Margaret M. USA 30/05/2019

Thank you so much for my book! It was here in three days....walla!
Jonathan B. USA 25/05/2019

Thank you so much. As usual, everything is perfect. Thank you so much for your generosity. It's amazing to have a taste of home when we are so far away.
Bouraa B. USA 24/05/2019

Hi! My first order arrived today and everything looks so excellent! Im looking forward to eating all these wonderful foods that I have missed so much. Thank you!
Georges G. USA 21/05/2019

I received my package and sweets are delicious. Thank you.
Nada K. USA 15/05/2019

Thanks again for the great service! One very happy customer!
Vivienne E. Hong Kong 05/05/2019

Thank you for your message. Everything is perfect.
Alain G. Switzerland 25/04/2019

My package was delivered, and I was very pleased with the contents, the packaging and your overall excellent service. You make Easter a special time for our whole family and for our friends. Happy Easter to you.
Ranwa H. USA 15/04/2019

Thanks for sending us the goodies. Everything reached us in good shape.
Ziad E. USA 11/04/2019

Hi! I have just received the box safely. Thank you for sending it. I am going to enjoy Lebanese tastes with my daughters!
Sachiko S. Japan 19/03/2019

We thank you very much. We received the merchandise today in excellent condition and in excellent package. I put five stars for the whole process. We hope in the future you will have more choices. We wish you success. Bravo.
Sheryl D. Philippines 16/03/2019

The sweets were perfect. Thank you!
Alison V. Canada 13/03/2019

We are very satisfied. Thank you and have a nice day. Kind regards from a cold and sunny Trondheim.
Tina J. Norway 11/03/2019

Thank you for all of your extra help, time and attention.
Bruce R. USA 01/03/2019

Bread is perfect and the delay didnt affect the quality. Thanks for your generosity.
Bouraa B. USA 27/02/2019

Buy Lebanese was an event saver for me. I got the product I needed delivered on time actually before the expected time. I also had my questions about the product answered immediately at midnight. Everything about the order and delivery experience was personal. Thank you Buy Lebanese.
Marwa S. Lebanon 25/02/2019

I have received the coffee shipment in good condition. Thanks.
You- C. Taiwan 21/02/2019

Thank you. Everything is ok.
Roberta R. Australia 06/02/2019

I did receive my item and was very happy with the service. I will not hesitate to order through your company again. Very good service. Thanks for the follow up.
Brett K. Australia 05/02/2019

My cousin (who lives in Beirut) recommendation was perfect. Thank you and you will hear from me again!
Louiz Z. USA 29/01/2019

Happy New Year! I've received the package. All is good! Thanks.
Mark S. Japan 24/01/2019

We have received the goods last evening. Thank you very much.
Vianney P. Hong Kong 22/01/2019

Package received with thanks.
Peter J. Australia 21/01/2019

Im so happy thank you so much.
Mariam A. UAE 19/01/2019

Thank you so much, just received the order today, everything is ok.
Noora A. Bahrain 15/01/2019

I received my order in good condition. Thank you very much. I will use your services again in the future.
Christine G. USA 11/01/2019

Thank you very much. Excellent service, and the zaatar I ordered smell heavenly.
Michelle A. Australia 08/01/2019

I confirm I received the book. Thank you so much and my very best wishes for the new year.
Rizlaine F. France 08/01/2019

Thank you for your exceptional customer service! It was a pleasure shopping at Buy Lebanese and Ill be sure to purchase from there.
Farah A. UAE 07/01/2019

Package received in good condition. Happy New Year!
Regina G. USA 01/01/2019

Thank you so much for everything I did receive the order this time!
Ula M. USA 26/12/2018

Carmen's book has just been received. Thank you for your cooperation. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends who happen to need anything from Lebanon.
Kamal T. USA 22/12/2018

Thank you very much for todays delivery and all the deliveries throughout 2018; you are the best. Best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas.
Ranwa H. USA 21/12/2018

I received the order today. Thank you for the great service!
Lili M. USA 21/12/2018

Thanks so much, I am very satisfied. Very quick delivery. I am sure i am going to buy more books or goods in the future. Best wishes, Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year.
May E. Australia 20/12/2018

The book has arrived in a very good condition.Thank you so much the service was fast and professional encouraged me to purchase more from your site.
Nada O. Canada 19/12/2018

Packages received today thanks again.
Farid K. The Netherlands 18/12/2018

Your customer service is truly great and I look forward to doing business with you in the coming new year!! Happy Holidays!!!
Caroline G. USA 17/12/2018

As usual, everything was perfect and thank you so much for your gesture! You are very kind:) Ill be ordering soon more pistachios as they are a big hit here with friends and family. 3 Kilos dont last long. Thank you again and Merry Christmas!
Poucette R. USA 13/12/2018

Thank you so much for taking the time to follow up with DHL regarding this delivery. It means the world to me. It is truly rare to find this type of service these days.
Adelina D. Canada 12/12/2018

All were received and ate being enjoyed one bite at a time. So delicious.
Nina S. USA 12/12/2018

Thank you so much for following up. You have gone above and beyond and I am grateful.
Adelina D. Canada 11/12/2018

Thank you so much for the follow up. I will have to take your word on this book based on the response from the distributor/publisher but i must say the quality of this book is just not there this year!
I will keep the book i guess. Thank you again for the response. It is a pleasure doing business with you! Your customer service is excellent!!
Caroline G. USA 11/12/2018

We just got the package about an hour ago. Everything look good. Thanks. This time it took an extra day or two to arrive to final destination.
Ziad E. USA 07/12/2018

I received the order everything is fine except for the orange flower jam some of the sirop had leaked out which is not a big deal. Thank you for the perfect service.
Lina D. Canada 07/12/2018

Everything was delivered fine. Thank you. I really enjoy the kishk.
John L. USA 06/12/2018

I did receive the package, but I havent opened it yet! (Thats how much I trust!). Thank you so very much for the additional Festok Halabi. I am definitely satisfied with your service. I dont order often, but when I do, I am always pleased.
Just as an aside I am Lebanese my grandparents were all born in Lebanon. And I still have first cousins in Beirut. Its very nice to have your website to make me feel a little closer to Lebanon.
Maurina H. USA 05/12/2018

The olive oil and olives were delivered today, they arrived intact. Many many thanks!!!
Ranwa H. USA 04/12/2018

The book I ordered has arrived safe and sound and I am really happy about it.
Justyna N. Switzerland 28/11/2018

Package received and the quality is great and definitely an improvement over previous shipments. Thank you again for your services which help me be less homesick while living abroad in Singapore. Take care and I hope you have/had a great Independence Day!
Riad T. Singapore 23/11/2018

Thank you so much for the update, Im looking forward for new CDs and LPs. By the way parcel arrived in very good condition yesterday thank you it was faster this time. God bless.
Paronag M. Australia 19/11/2018

As usual, everything is perfect. Thanks for the gift.
Bouraa B. USA 17/11/2018

Thank you so much for your reply and lovely email, congratulations for 18 th anniversary I placed my order just now because your remarkable offer including some CDs and vinyls of Fairuz.
Im very happy with your service. Im looking forward to receiving them.
Paronag M. Australia 15/11/2018

Thanks for the extra kilo of oat bread. Everything arrived in perfect shape. Best regards.
Ziad E. USA 30/09/2018

BuyLebanese is a wonderful way to stay connected to our beloved Liban. The cookbooks I found and purchased are not available in the United States and include recipes I have never seen before, plus valuable histories and background on the recipes, ingredients, and regions of cuisine inside Lebanon. Delivery was extraordinarily fast and dependable. Yes, "BuyLebanese" is yet one more example of just how varied, efficient, global, and fascinating Lebanon, its products and its people are. Bienvenue au Liban!
Marianne H. USA 28/08/2018

I have received the package and all goods were in excellent condition. Thanks for that!! I have to tell you this!!, I got too excited about the Lebanese sweets that I overlooked at counting the borgul bags!! I do apologise for that and I very much appreciate the extra bag as borgul asmar is my substitute for rice, I can eat it with anything and I love it!! All the best as always.
Mark S. Japan 01/08/2018

Very much satisfied. Thanks a lot.
Tarek S. Bahrain 28/07/2018

Thank you so much. As always, very satisfied.
Bouraa B. USA 04/07/2018

Good morning. Top is your service. It was my first time and got today my stuff.
Claudette I. France 03/07/2018

Everything arrived in good shape. Thanks.
Ziad E. USA 30/06/2018

Everything is perfect as usual. Thank you so much!
Poucette R. USA 27/06/2018

Colis bien reu. Un grand merci.
Nathalie J. France 25/06/2018

Everthing is fine, thank you very much. Kind regards.
Assad A. Australia 05/06/2018

First off I commend you and your crew for Excellence in total customer satisfaction. The packaging was well organized and the product as always; top notch. It didnt dawn on me that I only ordered 1 bottle until you mentioned the curtesy bottle of PM. For that; I thank you, I was overly excited when the package arrived that day!
Keep it up. Its great that you continue to retail such unique products.
Brian E. USA 04/06/2018

All was perfect. Thanks!
Anthony C. South Africa 01/06/2018

Bonjour, je vous remercie pour l'excellent service. J'ai reu le CD de Mike Massy. J'attendrai son prochain pour vous le commander.
Manon B. Canada 25/05/2018

The parcel arrived 22/5/18 afternoon. Hopefully in the future will be no delay. Im happy with your customer service indeed.
Paronag M. Australia 24/05/2018

Thanks for the quick and flawless shipping.
Sebastian T. USA 22/05/2018

The package was well received. Thank you for your efficiency and professionalism.
Youmna H. Hong-Kong 19/05/2018

The package arrived in great condition. Thank you very much. Ill definitely order again!
Messaoud B. France 18/05/2018

The bread made it today in perfect condition, thanks.
Todd H. USA 12/05/2018

Everything arrived in good shape. Thank you.
Ziad E. USA 11/05/2018

Bread received in good condition.
Anthony C. South Africa 11/05/2018

Thanks so much. I have received it and have been really impressed with the speed. Havent opened the parcel as yet but I am sure that it will be fine. Look forward to a continuing relationship going forward.
Aditya S. UAE 10/05/2018

Thanks again, so glad I found your website, hard to get real good Lebanese ingredients here. Many of the stores sell the major mass produced brands. I usually rely on family when they visit to bring back kishk or good zaatar. thank you again and will share your site with family and friends.
Donald M. USA 07/05/2018

All checked and in order! Thanks for the professionalism. Will surely order more soon.
Anthony C. South Africa 17/04/2018

All goods received in perfect condition.
Mohit S. Hong Kong 16/04/2018

It was a fairly efficient process. My package arrived yesterday, Friday. The items were very well packed. I tried the halva and the sweets and the bread. Although the bread was just a tiny bit stale from the trip, everything was quite good. Thank you. We will be ordering in the future again.
Louis M. Bermuda 14/04/2018

Saba7o!!! I recived the products. Thanks a lot!
Marcelino M. Brazil 11/04/2018

I am very satisfied. Thank you so much.
Adelina D. USA 10/04/2018

Thank you for the delivery, everything was fine this time. I will order again very soon.
Mirna S. Iceland 26/03/2018

Thank you so much, everything is perfect. Inshallah Ill be ordering soon for Ramadan. Thanks again.
Bouraa B. USA 22/03/2018

I have been a customer of for few years. I usually send Mothers Day gifts through them, and they always find ways to provide the best customer service experience. I live in the USA and Im used to good customer service, but BuyLebanese goes above and beyond to satisfy a customer. Not to forget the excellent products and varieties they offer and the best mouth watering sweets!
Thank you for your excellent and friendly service. You have made me a customer for life :)
Fatima M. USA 22/03/2018

Just received the package about 15 minutes ago and I am very pleased with it. Let me say a few things:
1) The Basma is very good. The last time I had this good basma and burma, was about 12 years when a former neighbor brought me 1 kilogram bought from Beirut.
2) The spices, as usual, are always of high quality. I am going to soak some hummus and skinless foul in water and tomorrow I am making homemade falafel. Restaurants here don't make good falafel. No taste to it.
3) Excellent packaging and fast delivery. I consider that excellent business.
THANK YOU very much for everything. You folks in Lebanon are blessed to have the best food in the world. Warmest regards.
Anis S. USA 08/03/2018

I acknowledge received as per same requirement in Good Condition. Thanks a lot for your arrangement and cooperation.
Shadi H. Saudi Arabia 22/02/2018

I received the order, perfect as usual. Thanks a lot.
Gisele C. France 22/02/2018

Thanks a lot, delivered.
Lubabah N. USA 20/02/2018

Thanks for the very quick delivery!
Takashi H. Japan 17/02/2018

I just received the package 10 minutes ago. Everything is in perfect condition. Very, very happy and thankful to the excellent service I received. You guys are great.
Anis S. USA 09/02/2018

I just received the seeds. Thank you so much!! You guys made my friends day she was missing authentic Lebanese seeds!! You guys are the best!! Thank you again!
Brittney C. Japan 08/02/2018

Finest quality products and possibly the worlds best customer service. But then, thats a Lebanese national characteristic.
Barbara W. France 31/01/2018

This is to advise you that we just received Carmen Chammas' book. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Please rest assured we will not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends who are inned of anything from Lebanon. Thank you for your cooperation and the high standard of customers' dealing.
Kamal T. Canada 11/01/2018

My package got here no problem. Quicker than I expected too, what with all the winter holidays here and there. Thanks again for being there! Have a great and prosperous 2018.
Julian S. Japan 05/01/2018 has surpassed our expectation. Well done and thank you. Our humble rating:
Communication. 10/10
Services. 10/10
Delivery. 10/10
Products quality (Nuts). 8/10
Sweets. 7/10
Over all it was an excellent experience. Thank you and best wishes.
Bill H. UK 29/12/2017

My package was delivered. Thank you for your prompt attention and excellent service. Take care and Happy New Year.
Nadia J. USA 27/12/2017

Merci encore pour votre excellent service.
Jean P. USA 24/12/2017

Thank you for the superb service. My friends in Ireland are happy with this gift.
Ioannis N. Greece 22/12/2017

Thank you for your follow up with my order. And yes we have received all goods. From Sydney, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & safe 2018 New Year.
Jina S. Australia 20/12/2017

Many thanks for such a professional and prompt service. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well.
Nadia J. USA 22/12/2017

I received the book. Thank you so much for best delivery. Thank you for your website and have a nice vacation.
Mariam M. UAE 18/12/2017

Thank you very much! I received your CDs without any problem. Thats perfect ! Thanks again. I wish you good luck for the next year!
Takashi H. Japan 18/12/2017

Everything was received in good shape. Thanks.
Ziad E. USA 15/12/2017

The 10 boxes of baklawa that I ordered on Monday arrived to San Francisco Thursday afternoon. Impressive! Thank you! Many many people will be happy this Christmas. Best,
Fadi B. USA 15/12/2017

Thank you very much. I received the book. Hope you have a very good week.
Amr A. New Zealand 11/12/2017

I got it in perfect condition. Thank you!
Petra N. UAE 10/12/2017

All is great. As always. Thank you.
Maria M. USA 08/12/2017

I have been happy with every order I have placed at! Thank you for your wonderful service.
Maurina H. USA 07/12/2017

I received my order and really thank you very much for your speed as usual! everything was perfect. See you soon for a new order :)
Gisele C. France 06/12/2017

It got in on only five minutes ago, the delivery truck arrived in front of our door. We are thankful to your dedicated services. I made sure to open the package and check the goods before I write to you. Fantastic, everything is securely packed, no leaks or whatever. Thank you so much. Till the next order. More power to you and God bless you all.
Wadiha A. Philippines 02/12/2017

The package arrived in great condition as usual. Your service is always impeccable!! Thank you for following up with me :) I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
Poucette R. USA 02/12/2017

Just to let you know and to confirm that I safely received the CDs this morning. Many thanks again for your kind attention and for your follow-up. Really appreciated. Looking forward to ordering again soon :)
Veronique V. Belgium 01/12/2017

Hello everything ok! Thanks a lot.
Gerard B. France 30/11/2017

Thank you for the promptness for your delivery, everything was ok. I will soon be ordering more.
Gisele C. France 17/11/2017

Bonjour, j'ai bien reu ma commande. Merciii vous. Quelle rapidit! Toujours satisfait de vos services. A bientot, cordialement vous.
Christophe O. France 17/11/2017

Thank you for the prompt delivery and quality product :)
Virginia W. Australia 17/11/2017

Bonsoir, j'ai bien reu mes deux commandes aujourd'hui midi. Merci vous pour votre rapidit, bientot.
Christophe O. France 14/11/2017

With this great service I will always buy more stuff from your website. Please add more stuff for us foreigner to order.
Layla W. Canada 03/11/2017

All is great. You really didn't have to send anything. Your generosity is highly appreciated.
Bouraa B. USA 31/10/2017

Everything arrived in good shape. Thank you.
Ziad E. USA 19/10/2017

I indeed duly received my order yesterday (well packed!). I am more than fully satisfied with your services. There will be other orders for sure in the near future! Many thanks again!
Vronique V. Belgium 17/10/2017

All goods received in perfect condition. Thanks and regards,
Mohit S. Hong Kong 06/10/2017

It was my first experience with Buy Lebanese and I would say a very positive one. I had a special request for a fast delivery and it was even sooner than I expected. The customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend it.
Rana N. Lebanon 05/10/2017

All was delivered last night! You guys are the best!
Souheil A. USA 05/10/2017

Thank you. I appreciate your excellent service.
Fadi B. USA 21/09/2017

Package received, all well, excellent condition, STELLAR customer care like ONLY Phoenicians are capable of ;) With best,
Franck S. USA 17/09/2017

The package was delivered. Everything was good. Thank you so much.
Rima AA. Canada 14/09/2017

What a fantastic site and concept btw. A friend just made me aware of it. I haven't been to Lebanon in almost 30 years. Your outfit brings it home. First time user, but I guarantee you many happy returns. Thanks best!!!
Franck S. USA 12/09/2017

Thank you for following up. I love everything in the package. The bread was hard to chew, the Basma was great, snawbar was great, jam was great, and all was so Lebanese...Thank you! Oh and the book, is cute too, i like it.
Rima M. USA 02/09/2017

My package received today, in perfect condition. I am delighted with my goods and I thank you for your excellent customer service. Best Regards.
Linda N. United Kingdom 16/08/2017

The package arrived as intended in perfect condition and the service was great.
Najib A. Lebanon 21/07/2017

Hi. I got the boxes. Thank you. And I got the sweets too. Thank you very much.
Christina Issa. USA 15/07/2017

Merci infiniment J'ai bien reu le colis ce jour 16h13 domicile. Formidable service. Impeccablement bien Conserv et conditionn. Un petit bout de Beyrouth rentre ce soir chez nous. bien sr du Liban aussi. Merci encore. Thank You very much Toute l'quipe de
Michel S. France 11/07/2017

All good. Thanks a lot.
Tom B. Hong Kong 04/07/2017

The package was delivered today in perfect condition. Thank you so much.
John M. USA 26/06/2017

All goods received in perfect condition.
Mohit S. Hong Kong 21/06/2017

I received my order today, thank you very much. Everything was delicious, products well packaged, and shipping was so fast, in less than 5 days from Lebanon to California. Great customer service.
Mageda J. USA 21/06/2017

Package was well received, thank you again for your services and follow up.
Maurice N. Iraq 28/05/2017

Thank you, receiver confirmed receipt of the dates which was great timing for Ramadan. Regards.
Regina G. USA 27/05/2017

Thank you! Today I received your CDs without any problem.
Takashi H. Japan 13/05/2017

Packages were delivered in perfect condition. The bread is great, Thanks a lot for everything.
Bouraa B. USA 11/05/2017

I just received the package. The customs had opened it and closed it. All is an excellent shape!!!! I already tried the Jazarieh absolutely delicious!! Alf choukran!!!
Lolita K. USA 11/05/2017

We received everything in good shape. Thanks.
Ziad E. USA 05/05/2017

I received the parcel few hours ago. I was very impressed with the excellent quality of the packing. Thank You!!!
Lara N. India 03/05/2017

The goods have arrived and in good order!! Regards.
Mark. S. Japan 22/04/2017

I have received my products safely and promptly.I liked them a lot and the packaging was also good. Thank you for your delicious products and good service. Hope to deal with you again. Warm regards.
Saburah K. Singapore 11/04/2017

All received ok. Thanks a million for the great service.
Husam T. Ireland 10/04/2017

Brilliant as always!! Thank you very much. Kveja / regards.
Sverrir H. Iceland 10/04/2017

All liquid and dry goods received in perfect condition. Thanks & Regards.
Mohit S. Hong Kong 07/04/2017

Got the package and everything looks great. The snawbar are very nice.
John L. USA 06/04/2017

Thank you all is good.
Georgette C. USA 22/03/2017

I am amazed at how fast i received my order from BuyLebanese! I tried to buy the books from Amazon first, but you were the only one who had copies. I will always go to BuyLebanese first from now on! Best regards and shukran.
Jonathan B. USA 15/03/2017

Thank you! Yes, we received it and made some today. It was absolutely delicious and so quickly delivered! We will definitely order again!
Ahmed H. Canada 15/02/2017

We received every thing in good shape. Thanks.
Ziad E. USA 07/02/2017

Thank You very much. It was a pleasure purchasing from your website.
Mohamed T. France 07/02/2017

Hi! I have received the goodies. Everything is perfect. I have tasted your pine nut baklava. It was awesome. Moving on, is it possible to order baklava with less sugar. I am not sure of your sugarfree baklava as I do not know what sweetener you're using. Merci pour tout!
Nadjah A. Singapore 25/01/2017

Mirjam confirmed to me receipt of the baklava and was absolutely thrilled, writing "Thank you so much for the delicious Lebanese pastries/baklava. I absolutely love them: they are the best!!!"
Yara Z. USA 12/01/2017

The olives are just lovely! Thanks a million.
Husam T. Ireland 05/01/2017

Thank you very much. We received the goods in excellent condition. Many thanks for your excellent services. Merry Christmas.
Issa K. USA 22/12/2016

I can confirm I received the package and everything is right. Thank you.
Francesco V. Italy 21/12/2016

First of all, I would like to thank you so much for fast Delivery. I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Emad T. Belgium 21/12/2016

Received my baklava order in less than 3 days, arrived fresh, great packaging and great service / follow up from the owner inquiring about my satisfaction.
Sossie P. USA 19/12/2016

You guys are awesome just got my package super excited. Thanks again for the quick turnaround good job on the packaging. The markouk is delicious and the kishk is authentic. Thanks for your concern, your customer satisfaction is Duly noted. Merry Christmas!
Brian A. USA 14/12/2016

Everything arrived in great condition and I they packed by mistake one extra box of petits fours. Let me know how to pay for it. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!
Poucette R. USA 09/12/2016

I confirm I received the product a couple of hours ago and I am surprised at how fast the shipment has been! I am pretty sure I will place another order when I have finished the products I have just received.
Francesco V. Italy 09/12/2016

Thank you for your prompt service.
Hala D. Australia 08/12/2016

Thank you for your efficiency. Your service is faster than Santa Klaus.
Daniele B. France 01/12/2016

We received the shipment in good shape. Thank you for the shipment and for the extra Kg of markouk.
Ziad E. USA 27/10/2016

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your great service. USA 21/10/2016
Rabie E. USA 21/10/2016

Greetings! I got all the baklava without difficulty. DHL is really fast! There is a persian woman nearby who was interested in my story of Lebanese Baklava and wanted to try some. I gave her a box and she was completely delighted!! She has a restaurant and has an Iraqi cook that works in the kitchen and they speak in English as their common language. I gave another box to my friend from Tyre with some pomegranate molasses and she was so happy she could have cried. She loves the pomegranate syrup on salad with a little lemon juice and olive oil. All the best!
Anne C. USA 21/10/2016

Thank you very much for your email. I have received the package and everything is intact. I'm really glad to have become one of your customers. It's been more than one year that I've been hopelessly searching for these gems and thanks to you I finally have them. I really hope you have the missing DVD back in stock as soon as possible. Thank you again for your services.
Omar T. France 17/10/2016

Just a note to say thank you again. Mom loved the CD(s). It was the right one!! Thank you again for your efforts and great website!
Susan S. USA 16/10/2016

Thank you for your usual efficient delivery. The bread and manakish arrived very fast and very well packaged. The only thing with the bread is that this time it was not easy to seperate the "rghif" to make sandwiches. It was sticking and it tore when i tried to seperate it. First time it happens since i started ordering at Buy Lebanese. But still happy for your very efficient and professional service. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Rania S. Philippines 16/10/2016

All goods received in perfect condition. We appreciate your promptness. Thanks and Regards.
Mohit S. Hong Kong 08/10/2016

Package arrived and eating has started. I normally share with family members and Lebanese friends nearby. Thanks again.
John B. USA 06/10/2016

Thank you so much for your services. BuyLebanese have been a wonderful experience in making purchases from Lebanon for my Mom.
Susan S. USA 05/10/2016

Thank you for the prompt service.
Amer G. USA 23/09/2016

Many thanks for your email. I have indeed received the order. Thanks again for the excellent service. Best regards,
Marc F. Switzwerland 16/09/2016

Package was delivered and acknowledged by the winner today Sept 15, 2016. This was really fast. Winner was surprised how fast and easy to buy bread from Lebanon. Hope he tells his friends.
John B. USA 16/09/2016

Thank you for your help. All went fine and the product is good.
Samir A. USA 14/09/2016

Thank you for the delivery. It came 3 days early!! Great surprise. I have been introduced to Lebanese baklava by a friend who was raised in Tyre. I'd ordered one of the boxes of the mixed baklava to share with her. She was completely stunned and totally delighted. She had introduced me to the dates too. I was happy to come across your website online. The photos were good and I felt like I could safely navigate the site and order.
Anne C. USA 10/09/2016

Thank you very much for your e-mail; the flowers were received and very much appreciated.
Ranwa H. USA 29/08/2016

Thanks again for great service as always.
Susie. M USA 29/07/2016

I have received my products safe and well. I am glad of your speedy shipment and your products are also very nice. As a customer, I am satisfied with your service. Thank you again.
Sab K. Singapore 13/07/2016

Received it today. Thank you very much.
Eduardo G. Singapore 30/06/2016

I am so happy about the orange blossom water. It tastes so delicious in warm water and it is wonderful to aromatize my bottle of fresh water. Thank you.
Anya P. Germany 08/06/2016

This is to confirm receipt of the bread and mana2ish today in Manila. As usual, you were true to your word and the goods arrived within the time you mentioned. I want to thank you very much for your professionalism and quick action, Thank you again and till the next order :-)
Rania S. Philippines 12/04/2016

Thank you very much for your notice. Your delivery was too fast ;-) I expected it after Easter. I will contact DHL as soon as possible. Many thanks.
Andreas S. Germany 24/03/2016

We received our order. Everything is wonderful. I havent enjoyed such fresh thin bread and Lebanese nuts as you provide since my last visit to Lebanon in 1995. Thank you very much for being there.
Brenda E. USA 28/02/2016

Every thing was received in good shape. Thanks for including an additional Kg of Shoufan bread. It is very nice form you.
Ziad E. USA 25/02/2016

Yes got them and they are perfect! Thank you for the Extras!!!!
Kamel G. USA 20/02/2016

Worth the trouble!! Brings the taste of home to our doorsteps.
Josephine S. Canada 19/02/2016

Thank you for your good service. The book arrived perfect and I am very satisfied with the way you followed me up.
Ramzi G. Norway 18/02/2016

The second package arrived yesterday to my great delight. Many thanks for the outstanding service!
Ranwa H. USA 13/02/2016

Well received, thanks.
Raja S. Singapore 18/01/2016

This is to let you know that we have received the package today and it all arrived perfectly. Appreciated.
Manal K. South Korea 04/01/2016

Thank you for your email and excellent services!
Meshael. S Saudi Arabia 21/12/2015

The order was received and was complete as you said. Your customer service was excellent.
Salem. S Saudi Arabia 19/12/2015

Thank you for keeping us up to date on our orders. Your customer service has always been exceptional! The baklava from Rafaat Hallab is for sure the best, but we would always want to order through your company. Best regards to you and your staff, we wish you a good year.
Pat A. USA 19/12/2015

Thank you. You are an honest company, and your service is excellent.
Issam S. USA 18/12/2015

Thank you very much, the order came as expected and in excellent time. Interestingly I did not have to pay clearance this time, I guess the holiday spirit got into the custom services!! Thank you again and Happy Holiday to you and may Allah bless and protect Lebanon!!
Ayman M. UK 17/12/2015

We received the package yesterday! Thank you very much for the good service. We will recommend you. We wish you Seasons Greetings and Peace! PS: we love Libanon very much!
Detlef M. Germany 17/12/2015

Thank you so much.As usual, excellent service.
Rana M. UAE 15/12/2015

Thank you very much for your generosity. You shouldn't have added a barazek box. I now feel bad for that. Also thank you for canceling below erroneous order. Wishing you + your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with Good health and a lot of success.
Hany E. USA 15/12/2015

Hello! Thank you so much for the order eveything was awesome, sorry for what happened with the wrong packaging! I will surely order from you in the future.
Youssef E. USA 07/12/2015

Thank you so much for your quick helpful response. May God Bless u & Bless Beirut. Have a great day!
Grace K. USA 03/11/2015

I can confirm that the Baklawa was delivered to my son in Ireland. He said it was so nice that he ate it all in a week, so I can assure you we will be using your company again in the future to send products to our family in Ireland, England and South Africa.
Stephen M. Qatar 30/10/2015

Thanks again for great service!!!
Susie M. USA 25/09/2015

Dear Buy Lebanese team, I indeed received the package. And my daughter was thrilled to have her lebanese bread. Thank you very much for the fast and efficient service. Will certainly use your services again and again
Rania S. Philippines 19/09/2015

Thank you very much. My uncle and aunt confirmed the delivery. I really appreciate it.
Ranwa H. USA 15/09/2015

The shipment arrived on time. The maamoul and the shoufan arrived safely. Thank you.
Ziad E. USA 05/08/2015

Thanks, it's delicious :)
Lina D. Canada 21/07/2015

Three boxes well received. Partial refund is appreciated. Thank you
Jean-Francois S. USA 25/06/2015

Every Thing was received in good shape. Thank you.
Ziad E. USA 10/05/2015

Thanks it was so fast, very good. I received the Bread by DHL.
Rita R. France 19/03/2015

Thank you very much. The Kishik was received today from you. No problem this time ... The Baklawa from Tripoli was Delicious. I used to go to al hallab when we lived in Tripoli, while my dad was working in the IPC ... Love that place. I was 12 years old then. Take care and be safe.
George A. USA 06/03/2015

Just to tell you that I received the package on Friday. No issues with customs and very quick delivery. Thanks a lot.
Kristin H. Norway 02/03/2015

Every arrived in good shape. Bread and nuts are fine. Thank you.
Ziad E. USA 12/01/2015

Hello, I just want to say thank you for the offering such unique products and I am very very!!! impressed with your turn around from click to door. You guys have gained a loyal customer. will be a favorite online shopping market. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Brian E. USA 25/12/2014

Je viens de recevoir le paquet objet de notre transaction en parfait tat. Je vous souhaite un joyeux Noel et une Bonne et prospre Anne Nouvelle.
Antoine B. Colombia 20/12/2014

Thank you for your e-mail. I received the good and as usual great standard, taste and quality.
Ayman M. UK 19/12/2014

Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much for taking care of my order. I look forward to eating kishk & making ma'amoul with the dates.
Constance Z. USA 18/12/2014

Yes the package arrived safely and the product was excellent. Thank you.
Thomas O. Ireland 07/10/2014

Thank you for the status update. Your service is fantastic, thank you!
Bob M. USA 07/08/2014

Thank you, I saw the bouquet it was beautiful.
Dorine E. USA 01/08/2014

Thank you very much everything was perfect thanks for your good service. Sorry for the late reply!
Rola F. USA 20/07/2014

Feedback from a happy customer: just received my order, excellent customer service, excellent product, excellent packaging and the best part extremely fast shipping. The only downside is the shipping price was a bit high but overall 4.5 stars out of 5, would get a 5 if you adjust the shipping price. Thanks again.
Mageda J. USA 09/06/2014

This is excellent! Yes I was pretty happy with the great service, prompt responsiveness and courteous attitude. Many thanks for all the efforts and best of luck in the business!
Najib A. Lebanon 10/03/2014

Je viens de recevoir le zaatar baladi le 24/02/2014 20:00 heure locale d Almeria / Espagne. Merci pour un produit de qualit et un service ultra rapide avec DHL! Recevez mes salutations distingues et trs bientt.
Carmen S. Spain 24/02/2014

Yes, everything went fine and the product is amazing, thank you so much!
Riad M. France 20/02/2014

Everything arrived well. Thank you.
Ziad E. USA 20/02/2014

Everything was perfect. Thank you.
Shiva N. USA 12/02/2014

As usual, it was great. Thanks.
Bouraa B. USA 18/01/2014

Yes, everything got here in one piece. Excellent! Thanks as always.
Julian S. Japan 16/01/2014

Just received 'Mezze A Labour Of Love'. With a grateful Thank you!
Teres E. Canada 03/01/2014

Thank you so much! I can't be in Lebanon this year and it breaks my heart, so at least I got a taste of home! Merry Xmas!
Charles M. USA 24/12/2013

Thank you for getting the books here so rapidly. They are beautiful.
Cathy S. USA 21/12/2013

Thank you, I received it! As every year, great service. Looking forward to an evening of Lebanese food, the best of all (: Have a great holiday.
Diana S. USA 21/12/2013

Excellent service. Bravo. Now if you can only get me stuff that is not on your website.
Michael S. UK 20/12/2013

Everyone! We have received the lovely copy of Mouneh (we ordered last week) for our friend's gift. It is everything we hoped for. Thank you so much.
Joyce S. USA 17/12/2013

Thank you very much for your email and services. The package was delivered today.
Issa K. USA 04/12/2013

Omigosh, I forgot to write to you: yes, the package was delivered yesterday, and it smelled better than any package Ive ever received. The pine nuts are so much more delicious than the ones available in the store here, so delightful, I am planning how to ration them out until I can get more. Im also looking forward to making tabouli with mint from my garden! I appreciate your assistance, and this great service. Someday Ill visit Lebanon, instead of just making food here and pretending Im there! Thanks again.
Joan J. USA 30/07/2013

Je viens de recevoir le zaatar baladi ce soir 20:30 heure locale d Almeria / Espagne. Merci pour un produit de qualit et un service ultra rapide avec DHL! Recevez mes salutations distingues et trs bientt.
Carmen S. Spain 15/07/2013

Just to let you know that I recieved my package now in Washington DC. Thank you for your excellent service.
Suha J. USA 08/07/2013

Thanks a lot for making available for me these music CDs/DVD of exceeding high quality and the gorgeous T-shirts from [IN]Leb. It is a great pleasure to feel and to think a bit closer to your wonderful Lebanon with that unique goods. And it is a great service again that the sending has taken less than 48 hours from Zouk Mikael to my home.
Ralf A. Germany 27/06/2013

Received my order. Everything great. Just the smells brought back memories of my childhood and the food my grandmother Hafeeza made for me. My children and family are really looking forward to the dinner I am planning. It has been too long since I cooked them the food that I did when they were young. They have missed it. I can still find things like olives and many of the cheeses here in Southern California, but to get the pastries made with dates and pistachios or find kishik powder has been impossible for the last 5 or 6 years. I will order from you again. Service was great and delivery much faster than I thought it would be. Thank you.
Verna M. USA 25/06/2013

Thanks, everything ok.
Arlette I. USA 12/06/2013

Just thought I would let you know my package arrived today. Thank you for your time and efforts. As always, your products are top notch.
Dan S. Canada 05/06/2013

Just letting you know that my book arrived last week. I would like to thank you for a wonderful service, so efficient and professional. Also the book is wonderful. All the best.
Dreffni B. Australia 13/05/2013

Hi and thank you so much for delivering to my mom on time.
Fatima M. USA 21/03/2013

Both my mom & my mother in law were happy about the floral arrangement. Thank you.
Dorine E. USA 21/03/2013

Great:) Thank you for the excellent service.
Ebaa E. USA 21/03/2013

I received both packages. They were excellent. I was very pleased with both transactions, as always.
Ranwa H. USA 22/02/2013

Hi, Thank you so much for the prompt shipment of my order (#140849)! It arrived today in Florida in perfect condition. The recipient, my mother is absolutely thrilled and enjoying the book and sweets. Thank you so much again.
Anne B. USA 08/02/2013

We have received the packet with no problems, thank you!
Maria N. Cyprus 28/01/2013

Thank you very much. Everything arrived fresh and perfect. Appreciated. I only hope you can find any cheaper way for delivery or you can sell through Amazon.
Bassam M. USA 25/01/2013

Good Morning, all is fine. Thank you!
Flavia P. Switzerland 18/01/2013

Everything was perfect with both orders! You make me proud to be Lebanese! Thanks a lot!
Rudolf M. Norway 15/01/2013

Thank you so much for your message. I got in touch with the courier & they re-delivered it today so I now have the book. Thank you so much for your wonderful & speedy service. I didn't expect the book to arrive so quickly! Best online buying experience I've had!
Selina A. Australia 11/01/2013

Thank you, great service, so glad you are there to bring me a piece of Lebanon to Alaska. Happy Holidays!
Diana S. USA 22/12/2012

I love the bread and plan to use it for my family's buffet meal next week as the theme is Mediterranean; will also include falafel and other "goodies". Shukran.
Linda G. USA 20/12/2012

This is to tell you that my sister received the yummy BuyLebanese Christmas package :) Thank you very much for all the efforts you have done and for your close follow-up on our order. Merry Christmas and Thank you again!
Aline M. Lebanon 20/12/2012

Excellent fast service all arrived in excellent condition. Thank you.
Peter K. UK 14/12/2012

Every thing arrived fine. Thank you.
Ziad E. USA 14/12/2012

Package received this afternoon, amazing delivery time, within 3 Days!
Elias K. Canada 14/12/2012

Thank you so much. I checked and it was arrived as you mentioned. Thanks again for everything.
Rana M. UAE 28/11/2012

That is what I call great customer service! I did not expect a replacement but the bread I received. Today is excellent and one can see the difference! Thanks again.
Francois F. Switzerland 08/11/2012

As always, yours is the best business, thanks a million!
Ranwa H. USA 27/08/2012

Yes, I got them all. Thank you very much for your help.
Jacqueline B. USA 03/08/2012

Thank you for the quick response. I just called DHL and it's been delivered. Really good and fast service.
Husham S. Maldives 25/07/2012

Thank you very much, all good. It was nice dealing with you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Jacqueline B. Australia 14/12/2011

Thank you so much, it arrived today. I will certainly order from you again in the future!
Diana S. USA 23/11/2011

I have just received my shipment - how exciting! Two beautiful books, having come so far, in so little time, and arriving in pristine condition. I look forward to ordering from you again.
Nancy P. USA 08/12/2011

Yes I did receive the package last week and have just started tasting every item. Other than the Bulgur, everything else is wonderful and continues to remind me of home. I have not used the Bulgur yet. Ill contact you when Im in need again.
Armen M. USA 06/12/2011

The pistachios and Mann wa Salwa have arrived this morning. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! You were absolutely correct about the Mann wa Salwa. It was exactly what I was looking for. It looks like I got away with the VAT again. Shhhhhhh! Thanks again for everything and especially, the wonderful service. I'll be back. Kindest regards.
Shelly B. UK 26/11/2011

No problem at all, thank you very much yes we will definitely enjoy the nuts & snacks! Very much appreciated thank you! The Baklava is absolutely superb, I have tried 3 different companies here in the UK but none come close! I will be sure to recommend you and of course will be ordering more again :)
Sean K. UK 25/11/2011

As promised, this is just to let you know that the first lot of my order, the beautifully presented baklava has arrived safe and sound, with no added VAT charges so far. Fingers crossed!!! I confess to have already broken into the boxes for a wee sample. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Thank you so much. I'll let you know as soon as the other part of the order arrives.
Shelli B. UK 22/11/2011

Yes, the package just reached me (as we had a "flood" holiday yesterday and the package somehow stayed at our office downstairs). And no customs duty or import taxes were collected. Many, many thanks.
Ibrahim K. Thailand 01/11/2011

As usual, the delivery to the US was very prompt and the product excellent.
Jean-Francois S. USA 29/10/2011

The service was excellent. I needed a special item, the customer service went out of their way to make it happen. I placed my order on Sunday, it was delivered to my door by Thursday! All items were well packaged and received in excellent condition. I strongly recommend this site. I would definitely order again.
Mahmoud E. USA 07/10/2011

All items were delivered in excellent condition. I am very satisfied with the product. Thanks. The Kaak Thyme arrived in excellent condition, I guess that is related to the good packaging.
Mahmoud E. USA 07/10/2011

I really congratulate you for such a good service. Very few websites monitor and bother replying to emails sent to the webmaster. I hope you are doing well in these tough times. I have been using your website for quite sometime now and every time I do my Lebanese pride starts kicking as if I own the company. I wish you all the best.
David G. USA 02/10/2011

Thank you for super fast shipping of the DVD. Best regards from Norway.
Sylvia J. Norway 19/08/2011

The three pounds of pine nuts were delivered a week after I ordered them! They are of the highest quality at a reasonable price. BuyLebanese is a great resource.
Bob C. USA 01/08/2011

You provide excellent service. I will not hesitate to buy from you again. Thank you.
Cathy S. USA 03/07/2011

My order was delivered much faster than you had promised, in great condition. Thank you for the excellent service.
Verena B. Brazil 02/07/2011

Dear BuyLebanese Team, my package is there (thank you) but the Debs el Remman (Pomegranate molasses)'s bottle is completely broken. I think the reason is the packaging was not strong enough. What can we do? I'm living in Luxembourg, here is simple impossible to find this product in a shop :-( Thank you very much!
Helga N. Luxembourg 21/06/2011

I was delighted to find my package at my door when I came home from work today: thank you! As always, BuyLebanese has outstanding service, and it is almost as if I had made a short visit to Beirut. I very much appreciate your business.
Ranwa H. USA 04/06/2011

The shipment arrived and every thing is fine. Thank you for checking on the package.
Ziad E. USA 29/05/2011

Yes, we received the shipment and every thing is fine. Thank you.
Ziad E. USA 19/05/2011

The service was great. Just 1 remark, the packaging from Hallab is poor. The maamoul were all smashed and it is the 1st time I see mixed baklava wrapped in paper.
Ziad K. Hong Kong 17/05/2011

I received my package yesterday, perfectly, no problems whatsoever.I would like to thank all the care, and attention. Be certain that you got a good custumer, and I will recommend.
Thomas F. Portugal 12/05/2011

The package did indeed arrive, and everything is WONDERFUL. It was good timing, too. I have company coming by tonight, and I can treat them to REAL Lebanese baklava. Oh, and the smell of the spice is intoxicating. Thank you very much!
Anthony B. USA 03/05/2011

The stand-out thing about this store is the vacuum-sealed breads. You will never import baked goods that arrive so fresh as from BuyLebanese.
Lisa USA 27/03/2011

We are so glad we found you online. Thanks for always taking care of our dear mother.
Vicky A. USA 22/03/2011

I have received my package and I love my books. Many thanks for your prompt service.
Paul C. Australia 08/03/2011

Thanks for your assistance, I do appreciate the constant communication in last few days. Take care, and I hope you sell lots of things today (BTW, your business idea is a genious).
Yvette A. Australia 25/02/2011

Yes it was received in perfect condition. Thank you so much for all your help.
Caroline E. Australia 01/02/2011

Many thanks for your professional atention. I look forward to receiving the coffee and be sure you will have many recomemndations on my Lebanese community here in Mexico.
Yvan H. Mexico 27/01/2011

Thanks for the two extraordinary cookbooks. I loved them very very much. If any new cookbooks come out, kindly e-mail me.
Murli R. USA 20/01/2011

I received the package and everything was very well wrapped, thank you!!
Poucette R. USA 27/12/2010

Extending on our phone conversation, I just wanted to congratulate you guys in writing for such an outstanding customer care. I've been shopping online since 2004 and have rarely witnessed such a responsive service. DHL tracking integration straight upon order is quite convenient. The sms notification is a nice touch as well. I will be sure to recommend the website to my foreign acquaintances. Keep up the good work, you make the Lebanese online community proud, in a period where we struggle to develop our information technology infrastructure.
Fadi F. Lebanon 24/12/2010

Je vous remercie,votre geste commercial est trs apprci. Je ne manquerai pas de vous tenir inform s'il y avait un problme nouveau avec le pain.
Veronique M. Reunion Island 19/12/2010

Thank you again and again and again ! :) My family is and was very happy! I am looking foward to many more future orders!
Aisha Z. USA 15/12/2010

Thank you for your super speedy delivery, you're really great. Even though you didn't have the karawiya spice, you went and got it back. Sorry for calling so late, but you were so kind as always. I'm recommending you to my friends to buy from you.
I hope soon you get new souvenirs and stuff from lebanon, because here in norway we find hoummos and the rest. Thank you so much for the kabis. Gosh!!! how much i missed it, any huuuu!!!
You're one of my favorite sellers, typical lebanese, helpful, kind and generous. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year full of business!
Miri H. Norway 23/12/2008

Thank you so much!! I got the package on Tuesday afternoon, December 16th. Great service and products, I will be making my Kibbi This weekend!! Thanks so much again and I am giving my brothers and sisters a gift of Keshek!! Thanks again,
Sandra J. USA 20/12/2008

Thank you so much for all your help. This is the second time I have purchased from and again you have been most helpful, despite the problems. I look forward to receiving my order and wish you all a Happy Christmas and Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Yours,
Diana N. UK 18/12/2008

Thank you for the great service to my family in Lebanon. I may have one more to send once I confirm the address. Happy Holidays
Regina G. USA 15/12/2008

Vous tes vraiment une compagnie trs speciale; it's a pleasure dealing with you. I called my daughter also and she was very happy. Thank you very much. Best regards,
Rose Marie M. Ialy 15/12/2008

Thank you so very much. Please thank the persons who put the package together for us as they have done a wonderful job. I'll check later to see if Ann's order was delivered, which I'm sure it has. I'll definitely be a returning customer. I hope that you have had a wonderful Eid. Also, I would like to wish you and your family, and the rest of other families in our beloved Lebanon a very happy and prosperous new year.
Hisham E. USA 13/12/2008

Just wanted to say that I am very impressed. The order arrived yesterday! Thank you so much,
Lily S. USA 12/12/2008

We received our markouk bread and it was delicious! Thank you.
I was wondering if has the same bread (markouk) in a white flour variety instead of the wheat bread. Do you offer that as well?
Many thanks and awesome customer service.
Trish C. USA 11/12/2008

Yesterday I received a parcel. Many thanks. It is very tasty and was pleasant. I wish to order 2 more parcels, one for myself and one for my parents in Odessa, Ukraine. It is possible? Best regards,
Pavel L. Russia 10/12/2008

I should have written this e-mail to you 2 months ago but is busy like crazy here in Japan. Anyway, better late then never.
The last time I ordered 4 packages of bread, and I was really happy to recieve this package. The bread was properly vaccumized (best time ever). And the bags were nicely arranged in a small box (previously used to be place in a plastic delivery bag). The box-package allowed no deformation to the bread sheets, so even after freezing for one month the bread comes out from the freezer in perfect shape and soft fresh taste. Just wanted to reflect my impressions, hope it was helpful for you.
Fadia K. Japan 9/12/2008

Thank you for arranging for delivery of my order so efficiently and graciously.
Kathryn R. Hong Kong 9/12/2008

Thank you very much for the follow up, I have received the package yesterday as youve mentioned and everything is fine.
Thank you again, wishing you continued success.
P.S: I have already forwarded your website to potential customers, hopefully you will do business with them soon. Best wishes,
Nabil E. Canada 4/12/2008

j'ai reu ma commande et je vous en remercie
Marcel M. France 3/12/2008

That was some incredibly fast shipping on my order! Thank you so very much! I look forward to sharing with my friend at work who graduated from the American University at Beirut years ago. I will definately be ordering again!
Thanks again and good day,
Sarah S. USA 3/12/2008

Thank you so much - I've received my order on Saturday I believe. I will be placing an order soon from you again. Kindly,
Pierre B. USA 3/12/2008

Many thanks. My husband (Lebanese) is going through the nuts so quickly, and is so happy with the "taste of Lebanon" that I think you and I will have to have a direct "nut pipeline" from Beirut to Wilton, Connecticut! Thanks, too, for your personalized and professional service. Regards,
Kristina F. USA 26/02/2004

Thank you for an excellent service. I will recommend your site to everyone I know. Great job. I wish you much continued success.
Tony S. Canada 17/02/2004

I just want to thank you for the good customer service that you offer.
Ahmad Y. Canada 14/02/2004

Thank you a lot for your quick delivery through Aramex. It was for me the first trial to buy through internet and it was wery useful and easy to get the goods. Thank you again and I hope to do it again in the future. Cordially,
Pierre M. UAE 08/02/2004

Dear team, indeed, I received the order on the 21st of January and was fully satisfied. Thank you for your professionalism and keep up the good work!! Best regards,
Alain Y. Belgium 26/01/2004

I'm just now sitting in front of the computer with a cup of tea and a few choice pieces of the wonderful baklawa. Thanks for your inquiry as to my satisfaction. You should know that I think is A-One and I look forward to future transactions. Kind Regards,
William K. USA 24/01/2004

Thank you! I received my order today and loved the hummus and bread! It tasted so good! I will order again soon!
Kathryn H. Italy 23/01/2004

Thank you for your prompt response. Delivery was confirmed on 14th by Mr. Andrews. Also wanted the product fresh, and it was. Thanks Again.
Ranee L. USA 17/01/2004

The sweets arrived the other day and they are great! Thanks,
Jean-Paul S. USA 17/01/2004

Thank you for updating me on my package, on January, 15. My products, Thyme, Coffee and Watermelon seeds were intact. The soaps were intact, but packages open, but no big deal. I am still pleased with my order. I love the aroma of the soaps, because the olive oil soap I tried here is nothing like the ones I order from Lebanon. I will continue to order from Sincerely,
Edna D. USA 15/01/2004

Thank you very much for your note. I have received the package and am very satisfied with what I bought and your service. Best regards,
George A. USA 11/01/2004

The shipment arrived with the bakalawa in perfect condition. Thank you a lot, and happy New Year from Japan.
Tony A. Japan 29/12/2003

I have placed my 3 orders and ordered the cd's set in place of the Baklawa Mixed (for all 3 seperate orders) as you requested I do. I must say that I am very impressed and very happy with always getting help from the head of the company unlike with other companies you always have to talk to someone new that does not know you. I really appreciate you always helping me, I feel like I have a friend in the business! It is a wonderful feeling and a pleasure to do business with you knowing that everything will be delivered perfectly as ordered!! Thank you for your years of caring and wonderful products. Sincerely,
Annie W. USA 24/12/2003

Thanks again for your good service. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
Mira W. UK 18/12/2003

All received yesterday and excellent order (and taste) as always! Seasons greetings and look forward to shopping with buylebanese in 2004.
Nada H. Scotland 18/12/2003

Thanks it was great again, thanks very much, do you do lebanese olives. I did not seem to see any on the web site. It is great to be able to get lebanese food so quick and still fresh, thanks
Walid S. UK 16/12/2003

Hi! Thanks very much. The sweets are quite excellent. We would like to receive other offers in seeds and sweets and others. Gracias, Greetings,
Javier Z. The Dominican Republic 15/12/2003

Everything was wonderful last week with the delivery of Mr. Nouar's gifts. My CD's arrived on Friday morning from Airborne but I was not home to receive it. They will come again in the morning and I will be home. I am happy that it got here so quickly!! Once again thank you for everything. Sincerely,
Annie W. USA 15/12/2003

Package was delivered and in good order. Many thanks.
Ziad K. Hong Kong 15/12/2003

Let me thank you for your courtesy and commend you for running such a wonderful web site. Take care and best of luck.
Jason D. USA 15/12/2003

I am glad to tell you that I effectively received the package on last Tuesday December 9th. Everything was OK: I enjoyed the wonderful digital postcards and my husband is fond of the music of the CD. In fact, I was really surprised how fast the delivery occured. Thank you again and I take the opportunity of wishing you a Merry Xmas and a prosperous and happy New Year. Best regards,
Gina S. Belgium 14/12/2003

Bonsoir, nous avons bien reu toute notre commande et nous vous remercions pour le cadeau ainsi que la qualit de vos services. Nous avons chaque fois un petit air du Liban. Nous partons dbut janvier en Martinique et ds notre retour, nous passerons de nouveau une commande. Dsirez vous un cadeau de France ou des Antilles. Si oui quelle adresse? Merci encore et bonnes ftes de fin d'anne.
Sylviane A. France 13/12/2003

Thank you very much. I got the packages and they are perfect. Thank you again.
Samir B. The Netherlands Antilles 11/12/2003

Hi, my friend called me and he really enjyed it. I am extremely satisfied with your service so I don't need to look otherwhere when i want to buy lebanese online. Thank you.
Abir T. France 23/11/2003

Bonjour, j'ai bien reu mes colis hier et je voulais vous remercier pour la qualit de vos services ainsi que la rapidit d'envoi. Les produits sont ceux que j'esprais et mon mari et moi mme ne manqueront pas de faire de nouveau une commande. Nous nous sommes crs un peu Beyrouth!
Sylviane A. France 21/11/2003

Hello from Kingsville, Ontario Canada. It was with great joy that I unpacked the box of your wonderful products. I am amazed that it arrived so soon. Both your service and products are Wonderful! I had not had a taste of Mann wa Salwa for many many years. It is so delicious. And the Halvah and almond/pistachio treats are delightful. The coffee is also exquisite. Thank you so much for everything and I am sure I will become a repeat customer. I will be telling everyone about your website. Thanks again.
Bob N. Canada 16/11/2003

Marhaba! Thank you for the follow up. it was great to receive this package of tout, it reminded me of back home in Shweir!! The tout arrived in perfect condition and me and my friends here have been drinking it. Thank you very much! I intend to buy more things from your website. Regards,
Gabriel A. New Zealand 15/11/2003

Just a quick note to say "thank you" - the order arrived on Monday and I am very pleased with everything. I can't believe how quickly it arrived. Thank you so much. Very many Best Wishes,
Liz L. UK 12/11/2003

Thank You, I received my order in perfect condition.
Vart S. UK 27/10/2003

The meat spice is excellent. The Thyme was good and I still eat it, but it is very salty. That is the only thing I am not used to, is too much salt. I had the Thyme before, and it taste like yours, but not as much salt. The sweets taste delicious. Overall, I am happy with my order, but may not order Thyme again, eventhough I have plenty to last me a long time; Thanks,
Edna D. USA 27/10/2003

The package arrived promptly this time. Appreciate your help.
Naji K. USA 26/10/2003

Xtremely happy! Hope all is good back home in Lebanon......Thanks!
Blade C. USA 26/10/2003

The package arrived and the product and service are both excellent. I look forward to ordering again from Kind Regards,
William K. USA 26/10/2003

It is true I have been surprised of the professionalism of your services. The package arrived before I expected! And in best quality. Looking forward for my next order. All the good luck
Francois F. Switzerland 06/10/2003

Thank you for your mail. Lots of cool stuff. I'll get back to you at the first occasion. Keep up the good work.
Christine G. USA 06/10/2003

I received the mold today, it's amazing how fast! Thank you for sending!
Hetty T. The Netherlands 06/10/2003

I wish to thank you for your extremely courteous e-mails, and because i do not think the situation could have been handled in a better way. I would just like to know when i will receive the replacements, since one of the sets is a gift as I have mentionned before. Thank you,
Ramez M. USA 25/09/2003

Just to let you know that your service to the Cayman Islands is better than the service I get from the United States. Keep up the excellent work!
Robert A. The Cayman Islands 12/09/2003

Hello, My package arrived yesterday. Such wonderful packing! I loved the wooden box. I gave my Lebanese friend one of the mezze plates; he is from Tyre and was thrilled that the plate has a little picture of the Tyre ruins. I am going with him to see Fairuz in concert in Los Angeles next month, which is what prompted me to order the CDs. Thank you, as always, for your quick service and excellent products. Shukraan.
John R. USA 10/09/2003

I got the message from my friend Tony who has the GSM number and I submitted the payment online and it returned successfully to the buylebanese website. Thank you specially for the high level of customer support service that we have to be proud it exists in Lebanon. Best regards,
Toni I. Lebanon 06/09/2003

I received yesterday the package. I am very grateful for your services. Please inform me about new CD releases. I am espacially interested by Fairuz CDS and Rahbani CDS (all the members of the Rahbani family without restriction). Waiting for these information.
Elias H. France 04/09/2003

Thank you once again for being a conscious business professional. Regards,
Ghassan B. USA 26/08/2003

I received the shipment, It is great and you have a great service. Thanks,
Nijm Y. USA 26/08/2003

Outstanding service, outstanding bouquet. My mother was extremely happy and surprised, which is what I was looking for. She said she had never seen a bouquet that big in her life and it made her very happy. Please advise on how best to pass along payment. Thanks again for all your help. Regards,
Karim R. USA 21/08/2003

The package arrived and I have opened the hazelnuts. Oh, my goodness! Are they ever delicious! They taste as though they were roasted yesterday. Simply the best. Thank you very much. I will remember your website and recommend it to friends.
Angel P. USA 20/08/2003

Thanks for your email and your great service.
Nijm. Y. USA 15/08/2003

The bread arrived yesterday. Thank you once again for a great service. Regards,
Haissam H. Switzerland 15/08/2003

Thanks for your attentive customer service, it's second to none! All the best,
Lina K. UK 14/08/2003

The sweets,they are so good. I no longer eat our own cakes and biscuits. I will be ordering again in the very near future. Many thanks for a splendid service. Regards,
Mark G. UK 04/08/2003

Thank you for your kind assistance. I will recommend your company to my artist friends. Sincerely,
Paulette F. USA 25/07/2003

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your products, especially the bread. Having to eat western bread again was a bit of a let down, so I have ordered more this time. Great service also. Many thanks,
Mark G. UK 21/07/2003

Thank you very much. I received my order today in perfect condition and very delicious. Kind regards,
Loretta P. USA 16/07/2003

I received my package, everything was as perfect as I expected. My thanks and regards to you all in BuyLebanese.
Haitham E. Sweden 15/07/2003

J'ai ete tres satisfait de votre service. C'est un plaisir d'acheter sur Internet avec des professionnels tels que vous. Merci encore pour votre rapidite et votre efficacite. Cordialement,
Herve G. France 15/07/2003

Thank you very much for your concern and for providing excellent service. I am very happy to do business with you and to continue to do so in the future as it brings me back to my roots and to Lebanon. Thank you for allowing us to stay in touch with our country. Greetings from LA!
Sylvia K. USA 10/07/2003

I received my order today and everything is excellent. I told my whole family about your website so hopefully they will order too. Thanks again for the great food and service. All the best,
Allan D. USA 08/07/2003

Thankyou very much. Mrs. Emalee received her package and loved it! You run a great service! Sincerely,
Lisa M. USA 07/07/2003

My package was delivered yesterday. Thank you for a great service. Regards,
Haissam H. Switzerland 05/07/2003

I received my coffee Monday. Thank you very much, a la prochaine. Thank you for your care, God bless you
Georgette K. UK 02/07/2003

My parcel arrived today in VERY GOOD condition...THANK YOU very much! I shall keep an eye on your website from time to time for new CD/DVD on Fairuz but please keep me informed should any new ones get released in the meantime... Very nice doing business with you!CIAO from Italy,
Adriano C. Italy 01/07/2003

Received my order today. It all looks delicious. Many thanks,
Mark G. UK 28/06/2003

The Chocolate Halawa was delivered the other day andit came very well packaged and safe. My husband is very pleased with the products and we appreciate your customer service. We will contact you again when we need to re-order. Thanks again,
Tracey S. Canada 27/06/2003

Many thanks for the DVD's. Although here in Australia, we like to keep informed and updated on events and the situation of our parents homeland. I've been to Lebanon three times and hadn't it been for work commitments,I'd be there every year
Simon S. Australia 22/06/2003

The Fairuz CDs arrived in EXCELLENT condition and I particularly liked the fact they they were all sealed which preserved really well the CD plastic cases....MANY, MANY THANKS once again for an excellent and very fast service from Lebanon!!! Will get in touch again soon, Take care for now and CIAO from Italy!
Adriano C. Italy 15/06/2003

Everything arrived safely, and I am enjoying both the CD's and the coffee. Again thanks,
Philip K. USA 13/06/2003

I received the package yesterday, fantastic. Thank you for the prompt service. I was really surprised as to how fast it arrived here. Regards,
Patrick S. Australia 13/06/2003

Hope you are doing well. Today I received my CDs. I would like to thank you for your great efforts. I am very very grateful with your services. I & my family would like to purchase more CDs in the future. Thank you again for your patience and cooperation.
Yasser A. Bahrain 09/06/2003

Just wanted you to know it was wonderful getting all my favorite things and making my grandmother's recipe. Look forward to ordering again. Sincerely,
Naila L. USA 04/06/2003

Parcel arrived in very good condition! Thanks very much.
Adriano C. Italy 31/05/2003

Impressed with the prompt service! Regards,
Hani M. USA 30/05/2003

The package arrived on Wednesday. Everything is fine, the pistachios and the nuts are very fresh and superb. Regards,
Peter C. Switzerland 30/05/2003

I want to Thank You again for the wonderful service that I have just taken for granted, you have a wonderful staff to carry out your policy of good service. The bread is wonderful and adds to the enjoyment of our meals. With Sincere Thanks,
Samuel A. 16/05/2003 USA

Pleasure doing business with you, Thanx much...
Rajai S. 15/05/2003 USA

I am very pleased with the delivery as well as the prompt service. I have also recommended you to a couple of my friends who very much liked the sweets. Thank you again,
Mirvat A. UK 15/05/2003

The package was delivered in perfect order. Thank you very much.
Haissam H. Switzerland 15/05/2003

Thank you for your prompt follow up and your recent replacement package of Shawarma Spices. The second package of spice mix seems to be the correct Shawarma spice. We appreciate your strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and we look forward to placing future orders with I must compliment you on such sincere commitment that matches high standards we are used to here in the USA.
Ibrahim A. USA 12/05/2003

Everything arrived as expected. The Hrissa is really very good! I didn'tknow this before and so I decided to give it a try. It was definitely worth it. Regards to Beirut,
Peter C. Switzerland 11/05/2003

Thank you for your outstanding service. All the best,
Jamal K. USA 03/05/2003

I received the items that I ordered, and everything is great. Thanks for the quick processing of my order. I look forward to doing more business with you.
George S. USA 24/04/2003

We're happy with the service, and are referring other people to your website whenever we can. Thanks again for all your help and wonderful service. Cheers!
George H. USA 22/04/2003

I received my package yesterday. Everything is perfect. Thanks,
Basil S. Switzerland 17/04/2003

What a happy day!!!. Few seconds ago I've received my DVD set in perfect condition. I'm at work now, but I can't wait any longer to put this DVD on the player! Thanks for your excellent service and for your kindess. This is a great birthday "self gift". I'll be 32 years old on april 20!!! Best wishes for you and family, and I hope to make business with you again very soon. Sincerely, Oscar, from Chile.
Oscar R. Chile 17/04/2003

Thanks for the fast delivery and perfect service. Everythink arrived and we very much enjoyed it. It's always a pleasure to deal and be in contact with people from Lebanon. Greetings from Munich, Germany.
Timo B. Germany 17/04/2003

Thank you, your delivery arrived promptly.
Karen R. USA 14/04/2003

I am extremely pleased with my sweets and took one box to Sonia S. as a present and all of the others have been eaten up by my friends some of who have lived in Arabian countries. Thank you for your wonderful service and may your god and mine bless us now that this war is almost over and I hope peace to your world.
Beverly K. Japan 13/04/2003

Thank you for the quick delivery. I am really impressed: I got the package on Thursday and I did not realize that it was coming all the way from Beirut! In fact, your price was ~$25 cheaper then what a friend of mine paid through a different Web site. Thanks again.
Kamil T. USA 12/04/2003

All arrived well, as usual. Thank you for your promptness. Take care,
Mira W. UK 11/04/2003

The package arrived on Tuesday. Thank you very much for the impeccable service.Regards,
Haissam H. Switzerland 10/04/2003

The Maamoul, baklawa, nuts and malban arrived safely yesterday. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.
Caroline E. USA 10/04/2003

I received my order on Thursday in great condition and am very happy with your company's & Aramex's service. Thanks. Also, I will be interested in buying powdered, ready to use mastic, if your company can offer it in the future.
Brendon Y. Singapore 21/03/2003

The package arrived yesterday and I am very pleased. Aramex, as usual, has made another swift and flawless delivery. I will look forward to ordering from your company again soon. With kind regards,
William K. USA 20/03/2003

Once again, thank you for your excellent service. The Balloons and the Bouquet were a great success and the timing could not have been at a better time. Just perfect. Thanks to you and your crew, my fiance's birthday will be a memorable one. I will definitely use your service again in the future. Yours truly,
Camil S. USA 19/03/2003

Hello. How are you? Thank you so much for your help and service. I received both boxes a couple of days apart. I am sorry that you had to send two shipments. But I wanted to thank you for your great customer service expertise. Perhaps next time when I order things will be easier. May the Lord Jesus Bless You Abundantly! In His Grip,
Janelle S. South Korea 07/03/2003

Thank you for your reply, feel free to do whatever you see best. Thank you for your wonderful service:)
Patricia C. USA 04/03/2003

Thank you for all your help, and speedy service. All received in great condition. Thanks again.
M.A.R. USA 23/02/2003

I just wanted to tell you that the package arrived yesterday and that everything is fine. The pistacchios are delicious and so are the baklawa. Regards,
Peter C. Switzerland 20/02/2003

My order arrived safely on Monday 10 February 2003. Both service and quality were v e r y good! Many thanks again. Wishing you all the best and a very Happy Valentine Day to you all! Best regards.
Carolina W. Switzerland 13/02/2003

Thank you very much. I'm glad I was able to purchase flowers for my Fiance.
May H. USA 12/02/2003

I am very impressed with your outstanding service. I pray that your professionalism would rub off on other business men in Lebanon, so one day our country would regain back its glory as an oasis of the Middle East.
George G. USA 11/02/2003

Hello; Last night I gave my friends the box of goodies from Lebanon. They were thrilled! They miss Beirut and Tyre very much and it reminded them of home. I am giving them your web page! Thanks very much;
John R. USA 07/02/2003

Marhaba from Los Angeles!! I did receive those CDs and, yes, I am very happy with the service you provided me. I also want to thank you again for "going the extra mile" for me. I had a great difficulty in trying to buy these CDs, not enough that I had to search a dozen or more web sites before I found your site....but, thanks to, I finally got what I needed and I have you to thank for that! Thanks again and I will do more business with you and in the near future. Best Regards,
Mireille M. USA 06/02/2003

I thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the flowers. They were indeed received and liked very much. I appreciate your prompt response to my request. Thank you again. Sincerely,
Haris K. USA 29/01/2003

The package was delivered in good order. Thank you for the quick and friendly service. Dealing with you has been a pleasure. I hope to do business with you again soon. Thanks,
Nissa O. USA 23/01/2003

The order arrived faster than I expected and in excellent condition. I will be placing more orders in the future. Thank you.
Cath C. USA 15/01/2003

I can honestly say I am very impressed by the service you offer and feel very proud to be Lebanese. I was particularly impressed by the speed at which my order was sent. I do have one suggestion though. In cases where soft items, such as bread are ordered, they should be sent in a carton box or something that will protect it and prevent the bread from being damaged. Other than that, I have no criticisms. I look forward to using your website and will continue to support you whenever I can. May you have a very prosperous 2003.
Chadi K. Cyprus 14/01/2003

Everything received in good order, thanks for your service. Sincerely yours,
E.A K. Republic of Georgia 14/01/2003

Happy New Year! I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safely, and everyone loves the cookies/sweets. Best,
Patrick I. Lebanon 03/01/2003

Excelllent. I shall do my best to promote your service to local friends in Turkey .
Erol M. Turkey 26/12/2002

I have just received confirmation regarding the order to Douma. It was recevied and they were quiet surprised by it!!!! Once again thank you for your professional service and I look forward to dealing with your company again.You make Lebanese people abroad feel proud about your professionalism Regards,
Ghassan C. Australia 26/12/200203

Thank you for your wonderful service. I received my order on December 24th at 2:30, which was a great timing!! I really liked the way it was packaged. Next time, when I need to order something, I will defenitely use your services. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Fouad A. USA 25/12/2002

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt shipping and handling of my transaction. My friend says that your product is like the Nordstroms of gift packs. He was very pleased. He lived very close to your Tripoli branch. Thanks again....
Garth R. USA 24/12/2002

Everything was wonderful. Very fresh. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Paula S. USA 23/12/2002

Received the package and gave as a gift already. Thank you again for your prompt and efficient service and for a great product. I appreciate your top customer service. Thanks again,
Tim S. USA 21/12/2002

Thank you very much for your assistance. We received the package at 8am yesterday morning. I would like to compliment you on your customer service which has been excellent! We usually buy baklava from Harrods, but didn't have a trip to London this year and so I was wondering where to get some from. I was really quite surprised to find your company on the internet, but very pleasantly surprised. It has proved excellent value, and as I said the service was also excellent. I am sure that my aunt will very much enjoy the gift. Seasons Greetings
Laura G. UK 19/12/2002

Received promptly. Outstanding service! I will recommend you to my friends.
Kamil S. USA 18/12/2002

I just received DVD # 3. Thank you very much for your follow-up and your great customer service. I will surely recommend BuyLebanese to all my family and friends here in the US. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I'm looking forward to many new orders. Thank you.
Maher F. USA 18/12/2002

Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service. My brother George has in fact confirmed receipt of the Baklawa before I had a chance to give him the tracking number you sent in your earlier message as promised! I have checked on the package coming to my address and learned that it was still in transit. I have enjoyed talking to you and wish you success in your BuyLebanese venture. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Regards,
Mina G. USA 17/12/2002

I am writing to confirm delivery of the almonds and to congratulate you on an excellent service. I am most impressed and will most definitely be making further orders from your company. With kind regards,
Bobby F. UK 13/12/2002

Thank you very much for your prompt service and great products. I am very happy with!! I'm sure I will return soon. My coffee and sweets are great and very good! If I ever visit Lebanon, I will be very excited to try the other delicious foods and hopefully better know your amazing culture. Again, thank you very much for everything. If I ever become president of my country (Puerto Rico), I would definitely import many more products from Lebanon!! Take care and good luck with everything,
Javier H. USA 12/10/2002

YOU are wonderful! I have given your web-address to several other people here. I am sure they will be as pleased as I have been. You provide a WONDERFUL service!
Leila M. USA 10/12/2002

The order was delivered yesterday and in perfect condition. We are very happy with your service and if I may say proud and very impressed as well. You are bringing home closer to us. People like you are showing the true face and character of our beloved Lebanon. Please keep up the good work. Best regards and good luck.
David G. USA 05/12/2002

Thank you so much, everything was perfect! The best! Also, everything arrived within less than one week of placing the order. Buy Lebanese is amazing! Thank you, (shookron)
Andrew G. USA 05/12/2002

As we always expect from your professional service everything was great. Thank you again for your wonderful website and great service and i wish you add always something new and keep on expanding your business. Yours,
Patricia C. USA 18/11/2002

The pleasure is mine Keep up the good work and Keep Lubnan Alive!!
Prof. Mohamed N. USA 07/11/2002

Thank you again for your professional service you're always offering and I wish you all the best yet to come. Everything was great except that the "petits fours" box was broken so that you'll warn them of how to pack it next time. Besides everything is great. Thank you again and i'll be placing new orders soon:)
Patricia C. USA 31/10/2002

WOW! That was so fast --I should have ordered MORE!! Thank you so very much and we will be ordering again!
Sharyn G. USA 26/10/2002

Thank you for your prompt service. I was impressed. Good job!!!!!!! I will recommend your web site to many of my friends in the states.
Mirna E. USA 23/10/2002

Everything arrived in good condition and fresh. Thank you that was very fast!! I already enjoyed the kaak with tea. I'm from Lebanon and my husband is American and it feels good buying from back home. Keep up the good work,
Poucete R. USA 10/10/2002

I got home tonight from work and was surprised with the package. I did not expect it before the weekend. The sweets are delicious. That was my dinner. Finally after 20 years I was able to eat real Baklava. Thanks for the great service and the good quality.
Randa J. USA 10/10/2002

Many thanks for your interest shown,I received the package in 24 Hours and that is wonderful. I will keep in touch and sure I will buy some sweets soon. Regards,
Khajag B. Italy 09/10/2002

I received the package on Saturday morning USA eastern time in very good condition.. I was impressed with your service, and I think I will be one of your clients.
Randa J. USA 06/10/2002

Thanks a lot for a great service...My brother and his wife loved the roses.I am very happy in dealing with your company and very much satisfied. Sincerely, p.s. I shall be ordering all my Lebanese stuff from you !!
Alice A. USA 02/10/2002

Just received the barazi and baklava, the barazi were packed much better this time and did survive the trip, as for the baklava they taste wonderful. Thank you again and will place a new order soon.
Sonia S. Japan 30/09/2002

The order arrived today perfectly fresh....Thank you for exporting Lebanon !!!! Congratulations once again. Best regards,
Patrick H. Guadeloupe 28/09/2002

Hello, from San Diego, CA. Just a few lines to let you know that the order arrived on time and the bread was fresh. Thank you. I will be ordering more products soon. Once again thank you.
Anthony S. USA 23/09/2002

I enjoyed the Rose Syrup very much. A very unique taste! The other products were also very good. Regards,
David S. USA 19/09/2002

Yesterday was as christmas evening for me. lot of presents and old memorys became alive. I am very pleased with the service and will check ur website now and then. thanx
Robert Z. Sweden 19/09/2002

I cannot tell you how impressed I am by your service. I am giving your name and details to my friends and I truly hope that they place orders through you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Warm Regards
Hani Q. USA 22/08/2002

Thank you for the additional flowers for my mother in law!! That was very thoughtful of you!! I still have the same (and even better) opinion regarding your company, that is a wonderful one!!! Have a great day and merci ktir ktir!!!
Annie W. USA 16/08/2002

Thank you so much for the VERY prompt delivery of my order - I have picked it up now. I have been exceedingly impressed by buylebanese and just thought I should congratulate you and your company - I will be in contact again. Thank you again for your kindness.
Hannah B. UK 15/08/2002

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and service...I received my order. Keep up the excellent work!
Nuha E. USA 13/08/2002

I have received the order this morning in good shape. Thank you for your fast service and care. Best regards ,
Salleh T. Singapore 13/08/2002

Thank you for your order. We got it really on time.
Best Regards,
Salomon F. Venezuela 11/08/2002

You guys are fantastic and that is why I keep coming back!
Peter D. USA 02/08/2002

Hi, from San Diego CA USA. I received my first order everything was fresh and enjoyable. You have a new customer for life. We will be ordering in the near future. Thank you very much.
Anthony S. USA 26/07/2002

Thank you very much for the parcel you have sent to us; I have received it today. The parcel is in good condition, very well packed. I wish you good luck with your website and I hope we can always profit from your service and be able to have the Lebanese food even if we are in China. Thanks for your kind attention and best regards,
Chafic F. China 18/07/2002

What a great product and prompt service you offer. I received my order of a variety of breads in three days. The package was impeccable and the bread tasted fresh and felt pleasant to the touch. In fact, the bread I received from your company tasted much better than bread I usually buy from a lebanese bakery a few kilometers away. I am eager to try your other products. Thank you.
Rudy F. USA 10/07/2002

Dear Sir/Madam......just to say thank you for my delivery...and yes.....I will enjoy it...thanks again
Ruth UK 22/06/2002

Many thanks for your prompt service -- which was prompter than expected!
Sam F. Lisbon, Portugal 18/06/2002

I had received the sweets today and thank you a million . The sweets are very nice and remind us of our beautiful country. With your perfect and professional services we don't even need to carry our sweets when visiting Lebanon, you can handle their shipment. Thank you again, I appreciate dealing with you, you are very friendly. We'll be in touch. Feel free to update me with any new news.
Nadia H. Belize 15/06/2002

Thank you for your excellent service, I received the package in good condition.
Dan A. USA 08/06/2002

Many thanks for the arguileh and the Zaatar. The Zaatar was a pleasant surprise I would like to commend you for the service you provide. It is very nice to order directly from Lebanon and get good products. StillThe service was fast and I liked that
Alice A. USA 31/05/2002

We did receive the order on time and to our fullest satisfaction. Everything was fresh and as expected. We appreciate your promptness and follow up with the order. It is a great concept when Lebanese companies in Lebanon are able to serve the Lebanese community abroad. Also, we love seeing Lebanese businesses succeed and help our beloved country getting ahead. Thank you and keep up the good work. Best regards,
Steve A. USA 25/04/2002

Je vous remercie pour votre aide et votre courtoisie. En vous souhaitant plein succes dans votre entreprise "", pour votre excellent service et la qualite de vos produits, merci encore,
Tania S. USA 17/04/2002

We received the first box of items yesterday - what beautiful food! We had to taste the Lebanese coffee right away, and it is very different from American Coffee! (It tastes less roasted, greener?) It complements the sweets so nicely. I was very impressed at the speed with which the items arrived, and we are most grateful to your efforts to send the items to us. The fig jam is such a beautiful presentation, as well. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We will look for the second box - I'm sure it will arrive today. Sincerely,
Emily D. USA 27/03/2002

Thank you so much for my order - it arrived in perfect order and extremely quickly. I shall certainly be using your service in the future! Thanks again,
Hannah B. Scotland, UK 27/03/2002

Hi, I have received the package yesterday (23 Mar 2002 at 13:35 GMT). I would like to thank you for the fantastic service that you offer. Best regards,
Waleed A. KSA 24/03/2002

I would like to thank you very much for your work. I got my stuff and they are just GREAT. Take care and thank you again. Sincerely,
Abdulaziz A.M USA 24/03/2002

I received my package today. Everything is in perfect order and fresh. Thank you and hope to work with you very soon. Sincerely Yours,
Patrick H. Guadeloupe 22/03/2002

I'm really amazed at your fast and courteous service. Thank you very much.
Fatima M. USA 17/03/2002

I am happy to inform you that the goods arrived yesterday safely and in perfect condition. I already started enjoying the food from Lebanon! Thank you again for your quick communication. I am looking forward to have another opportunity to Buy Lebanese from you. Bonne fete!
Aki Y. Tokyo, Japan 15/03/2002

I really don't know how to thank you for your kindness... I really can't find the suitable words to thank you enough.. Anyway thank you for your excellent and remarquable service. Sincerely,
Patricia C. USA 27/02/2002

The package was delivered on Friday, quite fast! The Baklawa is as good as I remembered it, and fresh. I am very satisfied. I have forwarded your website to friends and family. Keep up the good work! Thanks,
Karl M. USA 25/02/2002

Dear Sirs, First of all I would like to congratulate you for the excellent service you have and the accuracy and honesty in your delivery service. Not to mention the good quality and the well known brand names you're delivering to us worldwide. Thank you in advance for your kind attention and I wish you all the continuity and excellency in service as we're used to have from your honorable establishment. Regards,
Patricia C. USA 21/02/2002

I did receive my order on 20/02/02 and it did arrive in good condition. My nephew in California is very happy with you "Elias"and I hope that you have heard from my Boston relatives, I am telling them all how great your products and service is. Sincerely,
Samuel A. USA 21/02/2002

Thank you very much for your excellent service. The order arrived safely. I really appreciate your products. Makes me proud to be a Lebanese American and being able to order your products directly from Lebanon. Everything so far has been excellent and I am trying to give bread out to the Lebanese Americans who are living in this area and I will also disseminate information on your Web site to my contacts around the United States. I hope your business will prosper. Hyundai will order from you again soon. The bread is excellent and so are the sweets.
C. S USA 16/02/2002

Everything is great. The bread and halvah are delicious. Shukran Tire.
Fareed USA 14/02/2002

I just wanted to congratulate you for your professionalism and tell you about the very good impression I had of your company thanks to your mail. I also appreciate what you're doing for the expatriated lebanese (not to mention how smart this idea is!). You can be sure dear Sir or Madam, that I will keep "" in mind anytime me and my fellow lebanese in Lyon, France will need one of your services. Sincerely,
Marwan E.T. France 10/02/2002

As expected, all is wonderful! Everything arrived without difficulty this morning. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sevice. There are no good shops here, and you really perform an important service for me! Shukran!
Leila M. USA 30/01/2002

Thanks, and the delivery was very prompt. I loved having these Lebanese products, and will start ordering on a continuous basis. I will tell all my Lebanese friends about your service, I am sure you will be hearing back from them too. Keep up the good work. Regards,
Wasem D. USA 12/01/2002

I just wanted to inform you that I received the new pack of bread. The condition is excellent! It is as fresh as if I had just bought it from Lebanon. Thank you very much for your care and generosity. Best Regards,
Shadi H. Japan 12/01/2002

The package was wonderful. We will be buying more soon. Thanks so much, we feel like you are right down the street! Great products!
Gene J. USA 07/01/2002

Thank you for your excellent service. I was very impressed by the speed of delivery. It was much faster than the domestic delivery service. Thank you for pointing out the savings that I could make in future orders on-line. Thanks for your good quality service. Sincerely,
George G. USA 07/01/2002

Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness. You guys are first class. I'll make sure to tell all my Lebanese friends about you. Best regards.
Tony R. USA 17/12/2001

Thank you for following up on the package. I just spoke with my father, this was a gift for him. He got the package and was very, very happy with everything. This is a great service, and I will be ordering from you again. Shokran.
Nicole B. USA 12/12/2001

Thank you. I was very impressed with the fast service. It's a gift for a good friend, I am sure he will enjoy the treats. Thank you for your great service.
Tim S. USA 12/12/2001

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery. It is a breath of fresh air to have such service. Of course, as always the sweets were perfect and they taste just as fresh as if I bought them in the store in Tripoli. Happy holidays , Ramadan mubarak and Eid saiid, and happy christmas and new year. Thank you from all of my family.
Ali & Mayssa S. USA 06/12/2001

Have to admit that I was impressed by the speed of delivery. Everything arrived in excellent condition. I wish you continued success in your business.
M.V.M USA 10/11/2001

The manakeesh are great and just as I hoped them to be. Very tasty! Thanks for the extra Kg. Very appreciated! The Jams are excellent. So sweet. Until next time, Regards,
Peter C. Switzerland 27/10/2001

Received the bread today. It is in excellent condition. Let me tell you that I am impressed by your customer service. I have never seen anything like this in dealing with Lebanese companies. This is excellent. It even rivals the customer service in American companies (living in the US for 7 years). Keep up the good work. This is how you guys can compete in this global market. I hope this will spread to the other Lebanese businesses. Sincerely,
Jean K. USA 25/10/2001

I was really impressed by the quality and speed of your Aramex service. As for your products, we have known your Baklawa for generations and have regularly come to your store in Tripoli over the past years.
With kind regards,
Philippe H. France 04/09/2001

Thank you very much for the Mulberry syrup. It came in good condition and is absolutely delicious. I also had the chance to taste the arabic sweets and I liked them too. They were not too greasy and quite fluffy, a real treat. Thanks again.
M.V. M. USA 04/09/2001

Thanks for the good service i got from u. I was anxious to be able to purchase more things from my homeland. If there is anything i can do for you from here, do not hesitate to ask. I love everything that smells Lebanese , i will be buying stuff in the future from Buy Lebanese.
Kamal K. Sweden 08/08/2001

The coffee is one of my favorites. The service was fast and the order was filled correctly. Thanks! Yours truly,
William B. USA 24/06/2001

hi, Thank you for your inquiry. The coffee was excellent and your service was absolutely impeccable. I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received the order and have already recommended your company to my friends. Best regards,
Robert M. USA 17/06/2001

We have enjoyed all of the products you sent, particularly the dates. I was impressed with the shipping time as well. I am sure we will be ordering the arak again soon. It tastes different than what is available in stores here in the US. Thank you, it was a pleasure doing business. Regards,
K. M USA 30/05/2001

The service was excellent. I received the shipment earlier than I expected. the packaging was professional and the product is to die for, fresh and delicious. Thank you for your services,
Jamal K. USA 27/05/2001

Thank you very much for the excellent service and products. The arak is fantastic, the olive oil is great, and the zaatar is delicious. The packing and delivery were impeccable. I hope you will maintain this high quality standard, and I can assure you that this will not be my last order. In fact, I am spreading the good word around. Good luck,
Nabil Y. USA 26/05/2001

My most highest thanks for the fast service! Yes, the package came today and the bread is just like I remember helping my grandmother make when I was small. I have tried to find good khebz at the markets, but the quality has not been good. If this is your standard product, I will most definitely be back, and, I will share your address with my family! Thank you again... Best wishes,
Bob M. grandson of Sadi C. from Beirut, USA 25/04/2001

I wanted to thank you for your latest delivery to my brother's house in Lubbock, Texas. Everything was perfect and the packaging was excellent. So the goods came in perfect shape. I am trying to spread the word about your business amongst friends and aquaintances over here. We are proud of you and the work you are doing. I wish you the best and am looking forward to my next order.
Paul S. USA 15/04/2001

I am pleased to inform you that the 2 bottles of Arak arrived a few minutes ago... Thank you for your assistance and for the wonderful follow-up of your shipment. Hope I will have other opportunities to work with you. Best regards,
Gina S. Belgium 19/03/2001

Everything tasted great just like being home in Lebanon. Many and many thanks for your great service and great idea for a website. I already told all my friends and relatives here in the US about your great business. Expect my next order in a couple of weeks or so.
Mohamad T. USA 07/03/2001

Thank you for your concern, yes the package did arrive and I started to enjoy all 3 items right away. I was born in America and have been able to get all of our food from local stores in Boston but the quality of your bread and mint cannot be found here. The bread arrived as if it just came out of the OVEN. I just wished it were a bit more affordable so that I could order it weekly, but I will reorder from time to time. Thank you again for the wonderful service. Sincerely,
Samuel A. USA 07/03/2001

I have had the opportunity to enjoy the products I ordered via The quality of the products is exactly as expected, and no defects accompanied the delivery/products. Ma zaher, coffee and zaatar are as good as I had anticipated them to be, and I have no complaints or useful feedback to make. Thank you for your services and concern. I wish you all the best,
Charles H. UK 02/03/2001

I am pleased to report that the shipment arrived today and the content was quite satisfactory. The bread is fresh and delicious. The bakeries in the USA have not been able to produce the same quality of bread that is produced in Lebanon. We intend to continue ordering in the future. Regards,
Philip N. USA 28/02/2001

Thank you once again. The arak was excellent. A lot better than the locally made rocket fuel. We actually had a whole bottle on Sunday. My wife's brother is visiting from Lebanon at the moment and he was very impressed. I am putting together a new order and will send it any day now. Thank you for your excellent service. Regards,
Sam B. Australia 27/02/2001

I have been very pleased with all of the goods and services you have provided. The White bread was particularly good, and I am glad to know of a source from which I can get it fresh. Thank you for providing such an easy way for me to obtain Lebanese goods.
Stephen G. USA 16/02/2001

The products are great and the Kawarma outstanding. BTW I learnt about your site thru the magazine Alwatan Alarabi. Best wishes and cordial regards to you all.
Serge Y. Cyprus 15/02/2001

Phenomenal service!! My father was born and raised in Tripoli--I wish he were living to have a delivery of fresh goods within 3 days of ordering! Thank You!
Fred K. USA 13/02/2001

Thanks for your reply. I have received my order today and would like to congratulate you on a very efficient service. I will definitely spread the word about around family and friends. Keep up the great work and once again, thank you.
Abe I. USA 12/02/2001

I just thought I would tell you of my experience of your lovely website. The range of products was excellent and it was very simple to use. I thought the goods were reasonably priced and the shipping good value too. I am glad that I am not cut off from Lebanon and I can always have 'a taste of home" easily. I wish you much luck and success in the company and hope to visit soon and stock up on my favourite lebanese goodies - all of which I have found on your website. Once again-good luck!
Faissal H. and family USA 10/02/2001

I received the order with no problems, and I am very satisfied with the service you have provided. For several weeks now I have been trying to find a way to get real Lebanese goods here in North Carolina, and I am very pleased that you have created such a service. You can be sure I will be ordering again in the future.
Christopher G. USA 08/02/2001

One of the good signs of a healthy e-company is its ability to respond promptly and adequately to customer inquiries. I am quite impressed. The promptness and efficiency of your dealing reminded me of early communication and negotiation patterns and I am both pleased and proud to see a Lebanese site getting to hopefully international standards.
Charles H. UK 08/02/2001

Thank you for your immediate response. Your email was very interesting and informative, I look forward to purchasing your goods online in the near future. Congratulations on launching Lebanon and its products into the vast world of e-commerce and online shopping for consumers all over the world. I look forward to telling family and friends about this excellent opportunity to purchase genuine Lebanese products from across the other side of the globe. Thank you and your fellow co-founders for enabling this to be possible. Best of luck for the future,
Danielle A. Australia 05/02/2001

Je voudrais fliciter les deux crateurs du projet pour leur superbe site! Je vous souhaite une trs belle russite,
Sandrine R. France 30/11/2000

The idea is great! Will send the web-site to all my friends.
Jihane K. 24/11/2000

I just want to congratulate you on this amazing web-site, bright idea. Mabrook and hope all goes well.
Mazen K. 24/11/2000

I ran accross your website from lebanon links; and I have to tell you it's about time somebody woke up to this idea. Cheers from San Francisco....
Joe N. USA 22/11/2000