Book: Gourmet Table by Viviane Nasr Zoghbi
Brand: N/A
In this book, you will find everything you need for inviting family and friends at your table: Appetizers, starters, main courses, desserts and drinks. Simple and creative recipes impeccably tested that always work for all your invitations at any time. A first book of easy-to-cook recipes, fast, delicious and accessible to all!

I reveal to you my secrets and give you my best personalized tips for successful meals and desserts. The book consists of 15 menus and 150 recipes and is divided into four seasons. Each season offers 3 menus: brunch, lunch and dinner, based on the season's bounty. For all your occasions and celebrations from Christmas Eve to an afternoon tea gathering to your child's party, the most impressive recipes become easy and fast to cook!

Traditional lebanese recipes as well as a combination of International food. From the fattouch, hommos, moutabbal, quinoa salad,Greek salad, exotic salad, passing through the quiche Lorraine, salmon quiche, spinach quiche ending with the siyadieh, Kebbe bisayniyeh, leg of lamb, paella and much more. As for desserts, starting by simple every day cakes to the most sophisticated cakes like angel food cake, cheesecake passing through Christmas log and specifically the delicious Lebanese Knefe. Recipes that used to seem very difficult or complicated, take the form of simple recipes accessible to everyone.

300 pages. Date of Print: November 2016.
Weight: 1 Kg.  Price: $40
Book: Lebanese Home Cooking, by Kamal Mouzawak
Brand: N/A
Straight from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, chef and creator of the first farmers' market in Beirut, Souk el Tayeb, Kamal Mouzawak brings you healthy and inspiring dishes, featuring classic Lebanese ingredients.

From one of the region's most rich and diverse cultures, learn to make food, not war. Lebanese Home Cooking is a mouthwatering cookbook that teaches traditional Lebanese home cooking with regional and religious variation. You won't find these authentic recipes in many Middle-Eastern restaurants!

With over 50 gorgeous recipes including kebbeh, mehsheh, tabikh, mujadara, and mouaa'janat, you'll have amazing and exciting homecooked meals in no time.

160 pages. Date of Print: 2015.
Weight: 1 Kg.  Price: $25
Book: Les Recettes de Georgette, by Zeina Akiki
Brand: N/A
Par Zeina Nacouzi Akiki

"La cuisine c’est facile! Et la cuisine libanaise aussi! Les Recettes de Georgette s’adresse à tous les amateurs de bonne table, qu’ils soient libanais ou non, résidant au Liban ou à l’étranger, débutants ou pros en cuisine.

Les Recettes de Georgette propose plus de 275 recettes de cuisine libanaise, superbement illustrées, clairement expliquées étape par étape, avec le nombre de calories, ainsi que des astuces et versions rapides pour une réalisation encore plus simple.

Les Recettes de Georgette est un ensemble de recettes libanaises traditionnelles, héritées oralement de mère en fille au fil des générations, remises au goût du jour, allégées sans rien perdre de leur saveur originelle, avec en plus tous les petits secrets jalousement gardées par nos grands-mères et qui ont le mérite de transformer un bon plat en un mets exquis."

344 pages. Septembre 2014.
Weight: 1.75 Kgs.  Price: $33
Book: Ma kul el Hana, By Chef Antoine El-Hajj
Brand: N/A
تقدّم لكم دار “هاشيت أنطوان” كتاب الشيف أنطوان، بل تضعه بين أيديكم، وعلى الأخصّ بين يدَي كلّ “ستّ بيت”، على حدّ قول الشيف. مبتدئة كنت أو محترفة، هذا هو دليلك ورفيقك الدائم في المطبخ، لما فيه من أساسيّات. في كلّ وصفة، تسمعين صوت الشيف أنطوان، كما عهدته، يرافقك في تحضير الطبق بطريقته المحبّبة وأسلوبه السهل. 600 وصفة شهيّة من المقبّلات إلى الحلويات مرورًا بالأطباق الرئيسيّة على أنواعها، حضّرها بكلّ محبّة، لتقدّميها بدورك إلى كلّ عزيز على قلبك.

Language: Arabic.
22.5 x 28.5 cm, 591 pages. Published: January 2014.
Weight: 2.75 Kgs.  Price: $35
Book: Manoushe: Inside the ... by Barbara Massaad
Brand: N/A
Winner of the International Gourmand Cookbook Award.

Barbara Massaad's first publication Man'oushé: Inside the Street Corner Lebanese Bakery is a journey to discover Lebanon’s favorite snack.

As every true Lebanese knows, the man'oushé has a reserved place on the country's breakfast table. But every true Lebanese also knows that this cherished national pie has the ability to be worked into every meal of the day due to its unique simple versatility.

The author introduces the first cookbook dedicated entirely to the art of creating the perfect man'oushé. With over 70 original recipes, Barbara offers you a way to enjoy these typical pies, traditionally baked in street corner bakeries, in the comfort of your own home.

One only has to flip through the pages in order to realize that this typical Lebanese creation can be as simple as an on-the-go breakfast and as intricate as a family meal.

23 x 29 cm, 200 pages, hard cover.

N.B: The book is also available in French. Please specify on the Checkout page if you want the French version.

Other recipe cookbooks by author:
Mezze a Labor of Love
Weight: 1.66 Kgs.  Price: $35
Book: Mezze A Labor of Love, by Barbara Massaad
Brand: N/A
A book dedicated to our traditional Lebanese mezze. Barbara Massaad after her books 'Man’oushe' and 'Mouneh' continues her quest to discover and preserve our Lebanese culinary heritage.

Together with artist Pascale Hares, they create a new portrayal of food culture and identity filled with beautiful illustrations.

A true labor for both, the book Mezze: A Labor of Love promises to be a successful artsy coffee table book while remaining true to be a very informative cookbook.

19.5 x 24.5 cm, 200 pages. Date of Print: Nov 2013.

Also by this author:
Man'oushe: Inside the Street Corner Bakery
Weight: 1.25 Kgs.  Price: $35  $25
Book: Recettes de Vie 2 (en Francais)
Brand: N/A
Tous les bénéfices de Recettes de Vie 2 seront distribués à des associations caritatives venant en aide aux femmes et aux enfants.

Après le succès de la première édition de Recettes de Vie parue en 2008, Maissa Abou Adal Ghanem et Ghia Khayat Hawari ont été encouragées par leurs familles et leurs amis à poursuivre cette aventure qui a touché des milliers de personnes, et à écrire un nouveau chapitre, Recettes de Vie 2.

Les auteurs offrent à leurs lecteurs un recueil de plus de 200 recettes délicieuses et originales de cuisines variées, empreintes d’émotion. Leurs familles et amis ont partagé leurs secrets culinaires, transmis de génération en génération, ainsi que l’histoire de leurs recettes et leurs petites astuces, ce qui rend ce livre unique.

Alliant les plaisirs de la table avec la découverte de l’histoire de chaque recette, ce livre est un parfait moyen de rassemblement familial.

504 pages en couleurs et couverture rigide. Date d'impression: 2014.

Also available in English
Recettes de Vie 2 (English Version)
Weight: 2.5 Kgs.  Price: $70
Book: Recettes de Vie 2 (English Edition)
Brand: N/A
A beautiful compilation of family recipes from various cuisines, with 100% donation to NGO charities.
Culinary treasures. Humanitarian benefits.

Recettes de Vie 2 is a labor of love, a beautiful cookbook of treasure family recipes compiled by two Lebanese childhood friends with strong culinary memories. This is celebrated authors Maissa Abou Adal Ghanem and Ghia Khayat Hawari second book, following the success of the first edition, published in 2008. The collection of personalized recipes are presented by friends and family sharing culinary secrets and tips from their own kitchen.

This is not just a literary venture; it’s also a humanitarian one. 100% of all proceeds will be going to select charitable organizations in Lebanon and in the Middle East to support women and children in education, healthcare and abuse. With the support of prominent sponsors and distributors, along with strong book sales, the first volume enabled them to donate more than US$100,000 to charity where they work very closely with the groups for the highest impact donating.

Hard cover, 504 pages. Date of Print: 2014.

Also available in French
Recettes de Vie 2 (En Français)
Weight: 2.5 Kgs.  Price: $70
Book: Rose Water and Orange Blossom, by Maureen Abood
Brand: N/A
Pomegranates and pistachios. Floral waters and cinnamon. Bulgur wheat, lentils, and succulent lamb.

These lush flavors of Maureen Abood's childhood, growing up as a Lebanese-American in Michigan, inspired Maureen to launch her award-winning blog, Rose Water & Orange Blossoms.

Here she revisits the recipes she was reared on, exploring her heritage through its most-beloved foods and chronicling her riffs on traditional cuisine.

Her colorful culinary guides, from grandparents to parents, cousins, and aunts, come alive in her stories like the heady aromas of the dishes passed from their hands to hers.

Taking an ingredient-focused approach that makes the most of every season’s bounty, Maureen presents more than 100 irresistible recipes that will delight readers with their evocative flavors: Spiced Lamb Kofta Burgers, Avocado Tabbouleh in Little Gems, and Pomegranate Rose Sorbet.

Weaved throughout are the stories of Maureen’s Lebanese-American upbringing, the path that led her to culinary school and to launch her blog, and life in Harbor Springs, her lakeside Michigan town.

256 pages. April 2015.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.  Price: $30
Book: Saveurs Libanaises
Brand: N/A
Par Andrée Maalouf et Karim Haidar.

Après le succès de Cuisine libanaise d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, qui s'est imposé comme la nouvelle référence pour tous les amoureux d'une cuisine libanaise de tradition aux accents de modernité, Andrée Maalouf et Karim Haïdar proposent de nouvelles recettes classiques mais aussi réinventées, comme le houmous où une partie du jus de citron est remplacée par de l'eau de fleur d'oranger.

Des recettes traditionnelles, parfois modernisées ou transformées avec créativité.

21.5 cm x 27,2 cm, 176 pages. Septembre 2015.
Weight: 1.25 Kgs.  Price: $30
Book: Sweet Middle East, by Anissa Helou
Brand: N/A
Classic Recipes, from Baklava to Fig Ice Cream.

The seductive flavors of the Middle East have won over food lovers around the world, but the sweets of the region have remained largely unknown to Western palates—until now.

Sweet Middle East, by doyenne of Middle Eastern cooking Anissa Helou, presents 70 classic desserts fragrant with spices, honey, dates, and nuts, and steeped in tradition.

One bite of Anissa's authentic cookies, cakes, custards, puddings, and more reveals why these enchanting desserts deserve to be shared beyond their native lands.

20.3 x 23.3 x 2 cm, 168 pages. Date of Print: November 2015.
Weight: 0.75 Kgs.  Price: $25
Book: The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook
Brand: Not Specified
A collection of vegetarian dishes influenced by Middle Eastern flavors from Salma Hage, author of the bestselling classic, The Lebanese Kitchen, also published by Phaidon.

A definitive, fresh and approachable collection of 150 traditional recipes from an authoritative voice on Middle Eastern home cooking, Salma Hage’s new book is in line with the current Western trends of consciously reducing meat, and the ancient Middle Eastern culture of largely vegetarian, mezze style dining.

Traditionally, the Middle Eastern diet consisted largely of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, pulses, grains and legumes. Salma simplifies this fast becoming popular cuisine with easily achievable recipes, many with vegan and gluten-free options.

Drawing inspiration from ancient and prized Phoenician ingredients, from grassy olive oil to fresh figs and rich dates, this book offers an array of delicious breakfasts and drinks, mezze and salads, vegetables and pulses, grains and desserts. Salma shows how to easily make the most of familiar everyday fruits and legumes, as well as more exotic ingredients now widely available outside of the Middle East, with nourishing recipes so flavourful and satisfying they are suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

272 pages. Date of Print: 2016.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.  Price: $40
Book:La Cuisine Libanaise Familiale Nouhad Asseily
Brand: N/A
Par Nouhad Asseily.

250 recettes libanaises simples et succulentes destinées aussi bien pour les jeunes novices que pour les connaisseurs nostalgiques des saveurs d'antan.

350 pages. Septembre 2015.
Weight: 1.9 Kgs.  Price: $33