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Book: Sweet Levantine by Lara Ariss
Brand: Rawiya Editions
There is an unbeatable thrill to be found in baking, and with Sweet Levantine, her second cookbook, Lara Ariss explores the joy of creating sweet treats – something that has fascinated her since she was a child on visits to the old souk of Saida in Lebanon.

Sweet Levantine continues down the path taken in Lara’s previous Levantine Harvest with a further celebration of freshly harvested local ingredients and clever medleys of flavor.

Whether the desire is a plate of cookies to offer friends over coffee, a comforting pudding to round off an evening meal, or an elegant centerpiece to mark a significant life event, this selection of recipes will satisfy the need of any sweet tooth, and will give a sense of accomplishment and confidence to bakers of all levels of experience.

20 x 28 cm, 252 pages. Published: November 2018.

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• Dessert recipes that practically anyone can make!
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
• Dessert recipes that practically anyone can make!