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Book: كتاب  معا إلى الأبد ، كارول وكارلوس غصن, Carlos Ghosn
Brand: N/A
.قصة حب و صمود في مواجهة الظلم

مــن جهتهــا، تتحدث كارول الزوجــة والحبيبة عن خيبــة أملها من الجهــات التي كان
يفتــرض أن تســاند زوجهــا، وتــروي إصرارهــا على مســاندته ومســاعدته للخروج من
.محنته إيمانا منها ببراءته
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Book: And So We Drive On ... by Marina Chamma
Brand: N/A
A collection of short stories inspired by Lebanon and life in Beirut. By Marina Chamma.
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Book: Delia - A Survivor's Story by Ariana Papazian
Brand: Turning Point
On August 4, 2020, sixteen-year-old Ariana was spending the day with her friend and her family in her Beirut apartment. It was a normal day for a normal teenager. But, at 6.10pm a cataclysmic blast ripped through the nearby port of Beirut; destroying her apartment, and killing her beloved mother, Delia. In a second, Arianas safe world was turned upside down.

Delia is the heart rending and visceral story of the chaotic aftermath of the blast and how Ariana gradually rebuilds her life. She recounts how she survives the explosion, escapes her devastated apartment, and reunites with her family in a shattered Beirut.

Over the following months, grief stricken Ariana slowly adjusts to her new life without her mothers guiding hand. She returns to her apartment and to school, she faces her mothers memorial service, and milestone birthdays. She finds solace and healing through writing about her experiences, in her honest and direct style.

This is a universal tale of survival and stoicism, seen through the eyes of a young girl, mature beyond her years, with the courage to lay bare her soul and heart.

14 cm x 21 cm, 128 pages.
Published: April 2022
Weight: 0.26 Kgs.
Book: Harness Your Creativity by Nadia Tabbara
Brand: Turning Point
Lets get one thing straight, YOU ARE CREATIVE!

Creativity isnt a superpower that only a few possess everybody is creative. The trick is in knowing how to harness your creativity and put it to good use. It is demanded of us on a daily basis, both personally and professionally, and when used properly, it gives us a competitive edge.

Author, Nadia Tabbara, tells us that creativity is not something that a person does or does not have; it is a learned skill that can be taught and practiced.

Harness Your Creativity gives you 8 practical tools to better understand how to evoke and wield your own creative ideas. Creativity is not exclusive to art, but rather, it covers a full spectrum of idea-building and problem-solving in any capacity.

Through these tools, you will discover your natural creativity; acquire the knowledge you need to nourish it, the belief it takes to secure it and finally, the skill you need to put your creativity to action.

14 cm x 21 cm, 114 pages. English. Publication Date: May 2018.

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Book: The Complete Opposite of Everything, by Nour Abou Fayad
Brand: Turning Point
The Complete Opposite of Everything is a story of two star-crossed university students, Adam and Yasmin, whose lives collide one day in a Beirut coffee shop.
Adam is a young man who never gets scared, and doesnt cry. But, lately he cant stop crying and his anxiety is reaching alarming levels. His friend Rami, who wants to party all the time, is no help. When he meets Yasmin, reconnecting with her roots in Lebanon, he is offered a life-line. Yasmin is living with General Anxiety Disorder, and understands what Adam is going through, even when he doesnt. But can two people, both with minds that cant be fully trusted, stay together?

Format: Paperback, 14x21 cm, 320 pages

Published: October 2019
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Book: Trust Your Journey By Sana AlBuainain
Brand: N/A
Trust Your Journey is a collection of thought provoking daily inspirations, guiding you to connect with your souls purpose, to live the best version of yourself and to better understand your mind, body, and heart connection. The perceptive messages are grouped within six chapters; Letting Go, Beginning, Dreaming, Connecting, Loving and Becoming. Each inspiration is followed by self-connecting questions that can be practiced in your day-to-day life.

Written by Dr. Sana Albuainian, whose life philosophy gained through many years of professional and personal challenges and growth, meshes principles of self-development, spirituality, and mindfulness. Her inspiring words encourage you to reach for your dreams, to discover your true calling, to trust your intuition, and to follow an authentic and fulfilling life journey.

Whatever your role, your pathway in life, or your personal philosophy, Trust Your Journey, challenges you to look deep within yourself and uncover the transformative power of soul alignment.

180 pages. Date of Release: April 2021.
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.