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CD  Mike Massy: Bravo  (2018 album)
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Mike Massy returns to the music scene with a 9th studio album, 'Bravo', written, composed and produced by Massy himself.
This new album comprising 9 tracks in Lebanese and literary Arabic, was written and recorded between Brussels and Beirut.
'Bravo' refers to one of the songs on the album. It features Mike Massy's vocal signature, accompanied by a pop production, combined with a classical-acoustic orchestration.
Mixing acidic lyrics with pop melodies, Mike Massy launches the challenge of a new sound.
With a subtle blend of tradition and modernity, this album is the new positioning of Mike Massy, who manages the transition from traditional to modern with astonishing ease.


2-Baddi Dii
3-Ya Leili
4-Ya Hayet
6-Al Ennou
9-Ya Hayet (Orchestral Version)

Release Date: May 2018. Order online Exclusively at!
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CD Mike Massy : Le delire EP
Brand: N/A
A collection of five songs in French including four original tracks, composed and arranged by Massy himself: 'Apres moi le delire', 'Pour nous aimer', 'Toute Beyrouth' and 'Tais-toi'.
The fifth track of this self-produced opus is a surprising cover of 'Ne me quitte pas' by the legendary Jacques Brel, adapted in Lebanese.

1-Aprs moi le dlire
2-Pour nous aimer
3-Toute Beyrouth
5-Ne me quitte pas (Ma tfell)
6-Aprs moi le dlire (Dlire prolong)

Album Release: 2017

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Bravo (2018 album)
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Ya Zaman
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CD Mike Massy Sary & Ayad Khalife: Naseej
Brand: N/A
Bringing together Massy and the talented Khalife brothers Ayad and Sary in a joint composing endeavor initiated by Massy, Naseej gives a new voice to the Sufi poetry of Al Hallaj and examines the old Andalusian Muwashahat through a neo-classical contemporary jazzy lens.
The album knits into music verses from the famous prayer of Indian philosopher Tagore and features, in a vocal masterpiece, a duo gathering Mike Massy with the internationally acclaimed Lebanese Diva Fadia Tomb El-Hage.

1-Ya Mijana
2-Rouhmak Ya Allah
3-Gharabat Choumous Al Talaki
4-Ya Nassim Al Rih
6-Ajibtou Minka Wa Minni
7-Lawhat Al Ors
9-Salat Taghour
10-Ya Nassim Al Rih (Unplugged Version)

Album Release: 2014
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CD Mike Massy: Ya Zaman
Brand: N/A
Ya Zaman marked the real debut of Mike Massys career. Described as gracefully rooted in nostalgia, the album was an immediate success, scoring the first rank on the list of albums sold in Lebanon for more than eight consecutive weeks, and remaining on top of the radio charts in the Middle East and North Africa for around two years.

1-Ya Zaman
2-Jazr W Mad
3-Law Fiyyi Tir
4-Soti Hareb Menni
5-Khalasna Ba'a
6-Ya Omr Lma Natarni
7-Min Elli Al
9-Ya Achikata Lwardi
10-Daye' Fiyyi Chebbaki
11-Ghayyer Lawn Ouyounak
12-Ya Omr Lma Natarni (Alternative Version)

Album Release: 2011
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CD Rim Banna: The Mirrors of my Soul
Brand: N/A
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Maraya El Rouh.
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