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Lawz Mdakhan (Smoked Almonds), Rifai
Brand: Riifai, Lebanon
Premium hand picked Almonds seasoned with smoke flavor.
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Bag (400 g)
Lawz Meleh (Salted Roasted Almonds), Castania
Brand: Castania Nuts, Lebanon
لوز مالح. Salted roasted almond nuts.
Weight: 1 Kg.
x (2 x 450 g)
Lawz Nechef (Dried Almonds)
Brand: N/A
لوز مجفف. Loz. Unsliced dried almonds, with skins. Soak in filtered cold water for a few hours, and enjoy.
Net Weight: 900 g.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Lebanese Music Bundle
Brand: A. Chahine & Fils (VDL).
$120 Delivered -> (Goods: $100 + Ship: $20)
This product: price includes shipping worldwide!'s selection of 8 CDs from Lebanon's greatest music artists / singers / composers / pianists: ($15/CD, delivered worldwide!)

1-Wadi Al Safi: Al Sawt el Safi (The Best of)
2-Ziad Rahbani: Bema Enno
3-Magida El Roumi: Magida El Roumi (Vol. 1)
4-Fairuz: Fairuz (The Very Best of 2)
5-Sabah: Favourites
6-Nasri Shamseddine: Best of
7-Zaki Nassif: Best of
8-Rahbaniyat: Favourite songs Vol.1
Weight: 1 Kg.