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Book: Mezze A Labor of Love, by Barbara Massaad
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A book dedicated to our traditional Lebanese mezze. Barbara Massaad after her books 'Man’oushe' and 'Mouneh' continues her quest to discover and preserve our Lebanese culinary heritage.

Together with artist Pascale Hares, they create a new portrayal of food culture and identity filled with beautiful illustrations.

A true labor for both, the book Mezze: A Labor of Love promises to be a successful artsy coffee table book while remaining true to be a very informative cookbook.

19.5 x 24.5 cm, 200 pages. Date of Print: Nov 2013.

Also by this author:
- Man'oushe: Inside the Street Corner Bakery
- Mouneh: Preserving Foods for the Lebanese Pantry (Re-edited).
• Winner of the Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2013
Weight: 1.25 Kgs.
• Winner of the Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2013