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Book: Beirut by Day, by Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna
Brand: Tamyras
This book is not a history book. It is a walk through the geographical space that is my universe. A cry of love, a cry for help; sometimes I do not recognize my city. And sometimes at the corner of a street, in someones face, I stumble on it, Beirut, so generous and unique. Sweet and bitter Beirut.

Many of us entertain a love-hate relationship with this city. I love you, I hate you, I'm leaving, Im coming back. There are so many things to be said about Beirut. But Im tired of myths and clichs, tired of nodding agreeably when spoken to of the Phoenix, of the city that is reborn from its ashes. I want my city to be saved. I no longer wish for it to die and be reborn. Im tired of labels.

Living in Beirut isnt enough. You have to live Beirut, to walk its streets, travel its highways, speak to its inhabitants, remember its history, hold on to what is left of it in your arms and shed light on its monuments, bring out its soul.

In Arabic, the word for neighborhood is Hay, and Hay means alive. The neighborhoods of Beirut are indeed alive. Each is distinct, with its different moods, troubles and joys, with Others just a few paces away. These Others that hold a piece of us.

Traveling through my citys 51 neighborhoods has left a strong mark on my Beiruti identity. I belong to no other city. Beirut isnt an idea. It is not impossible. Beirut is a challenge. It exists. It wakes up every morning and hurries through the day.

Its too often talked about in the past, with a tremor in the voice of those who are hanging on to bygone sterile times. Its also spoken of in the future, with uncertainty. But in this book Beirut is spoken of in the present, a cry of love; all that I have to offer.

Bilingual: English, French.
Weight: 2.2 Kgs.
Book: Lebanon & On, by Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna
Brand: Tamyras
On a daily basis, Lebanon recognizes itself in the perpetuation of the inherited gestures of our collective culture.

From zajal to saj bread, the dabke to blown glass, barmet el arouss to the service taxi, the sherwal to kishk, Lebanese traditions, whether religious, culinary, related to craft, family or society, accompany the Lebanese here and elsewhere on and on.

This book traces the roots and explores the growth of some of these customs that live on and on.

22 x 28 cm, 224 pages. Bilingual: English, French.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Book: Positive Lebanon, by Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna
Brand: Tamyras
For some time now, the Lebanese have been going through a rough patch, the likes of which the country has never witnessed.

Regional conflicts, political disagreements, numerous logistical problems, economic slumps nothing seems to be going right.

As a result, a feeling of disenchantment prevails, filling the people with gloom.

This is a book based on all that is positive in Lebanon, everything that keeps the Lebanese vehemently attached to their country; proving that living in Lebanon still has its advantages.

From funny caricatures to out of the ordinary pictures, from exploits to beautifully written words, from jokes to anecdotes, this well documented and illustrated book will put a smile on the readers face and give hope back to the ones who have recently lost it.

A tribute to the Lebanese society and all these wonderful NGO and initiatives.

The profits will go to Lebanese NGOs.

16.5 x 23.5 cm, 392 pages. Bilingual: English, French.

Weight: 1 Kg.
Books: Vert Méditerranée, Un phare sur la Méditerranée, Tous les enfants .., By Mehanna, Anid
Brand: Tamyras
A bundle of 3 children books in French / Arabic by Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna and Nada Saleh Anid:

Vert Méditerranée

Retrouvez Sami le petit garçon curieux, Médéros, le gardien de phare un peu magicien et Ulysse, le perroquet bavard et explorez en leur compagnie les forêts méditerranéennes aux mille trésors. Oliviers, cèdres, pins parasol, chênes, figuiers, palmiers- dattier, apprenez à connaître les différents arbres de la Méditerranée.

Un phare sur la Méditerranée

Sami, petit garçon méditerranéen, va tous les après- midi rejoindre Médéros, le gardien du phare. Avec Ulysse, un perroquet capricieux, il va explorer les richesses de la mer Méditerranée, poser beaucoup de questions, apprendre des tas de choses et surtout découvrir toute la beauté de cette mer qui nous rassemble.

Tous les enfants ont des droits

Sami se demande pourquoi à la maison, à lécole, il ne se heurte quà des interdictions. Médéros lui explique alors que tous les enfants ont des droits et que la Charte des Droits de lenfant ratifiée par la quasi-totalité des pays de la planète est là pour les défendre.

Weight: 1 Kg.