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Ramadan Delight Gift Box (Sweets, Dates, Marzipan, Pine Nuts)
Brand: N/A
-900 g box of Baklawa mixed. Brand: Rafaat Hallab & Sons.

-2 Kg box of Karabij and natef in a Tin box. Brand: Amal Bohsali

-850 g box of Tamer (premium dates with seeds)

-750 g box of Marzipan fingers, pistachio and almond.

-850 g of Snawbar pine nuts. Brand: Hboubna.
Weight: 6.5 Kgs.
Snawbar Baladi  (Pine Nuts), Grade A+, jGrove
Brand: j.Grove, Lebanon
Vol. Discount: $77 for 2 units or more
صنوبر بلدي لبناني. Premium Lebanese pine nuts.
Bkassine, Lebanon is home to the largest and best-preserved pine forest in the Middle East. With just the right soil and climate, it produces some of the finest pine nuts worldwide.

N.B: an additional 2-4 days may be needed for processing.
Weight: 0.9 Kgs.
x (3 x 250 g)