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Zeit Zeitoun  (Olive Oil), Darmmess, Extra Virgin
Brand: Darmmess, Lebanon
$20  $16
Darmmess Olive Oil is High Phenolic Premium Extra Virgin from Deir Mimas, South Lebanon. It is made from 600 - 2000+ years old olive trees. (October 2021 Harvest).

Type: Filtered first cold extracted extra virgin olive oil

Cultivar: 100 % baladi unripe green olives

Yield: 16.67%

Aroma: A mix of green tomato, herbs, apple and banana, followed by a poke of black pepper, walnut and almond.

Taste: Very well balanced between the bitter, the pungent and the fruity

Pairings: Raw on salads, steamed vegetables, soups, fish, meat, and Mediterranean Mezze

Acidity: 0.14 % (max 0.8 %)

Store your Darmmess olive oil in a cool dark place.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Btl (50 cl)
Kaftan: Grey, Coffee, Kaffieh
New Release
Brand: N/A
A one size fit grey kaffieh kaftan made from light grey fabric, with a Lebanese coffee cup embroidered on the front and back sides. Can be worn as a beach cover-up. Made in Lebanon.
Weight: 0.6 Kgs.
Flowers: Fresh & Dried in Beirut Box
Brand: N/A
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
A beautiful arrangement of 5 Roses mixed with fresh and dried flowers in a 'Beirut' Box.

Specially designed with our beloved Beirut in mind: white for hope, wheat and olive branches for peace; and gold for the city's enchantment and glamour!

Box Size: D=20cm, H=10cm.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Zaafaran (Saffron), Grade A+,  Safran, 5 g
Brand: Safran du Liban
زعفران. All red pure Saffron spice with a distinct flavor. Use as a seasoning or coloring in your dishes.

Lebanon’s first saffron project accomplished the unthinkable: attain the finest quality in terms of color and flavor (A+) while having a socially responsible impact on local communities.

This organic and healthy saffron can be found at several renowned restaurants around the globe.

It will retain its high quality for 3 years.

Also available:
-Saffron, Grade A+, 10 g
Weight: 0.1 Kgs.
x 5 grams
Tea Box: Moucharabieh, Wood and Plexiglas
Brand: Mouftah El Chark, Lebanon
Originally designed and crafted to store tea bags with flair, this handmade wooden mousharabieh box can also be used to store and organize anything and everything, from nuts and sweets to jewelry and makeup, thanks to its spacious interior and 6 compartments.
A wonderful home decor item.

Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 10 cm

NB: Gently clean with a dry cloth
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Pouches: Abjadiya, Cotton Base
Brand: Mouftah El Chark, Lebanon
A set of 3 abjadia pouches with a cotton base, hand-embellished with cotton thread.

Big Pouch: 24 x 15 x 7 cm
Flat Pouch: 20 x 12 x 1 cm
Mirror Pouch: 10 x 9 x 1.5 cm

Brass mirror and zip fastening.
Weight: 0.3 Kgs.
Set of 3
Bag: Canvas and Leather Tote Bag, White
Brand: Lyliad
A heavy-duty white canvas and havane leather tote bag that features all the pockets you need to stay organized when you’re out. Karma tote bag can become the most useful and versatile bag in your wardrobe.

-canvas body
-leather straps and bottom
-2 large inside pockets and 1 outside pocket

Approx size: 35 × 33 cm (bag)
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Wine:  Satyr de Marsyas, Red 2016
Brand: N/A
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
Satyr is a new monovarietal wine by Chateau Marsyas, made from cabernet sauvignon grapes.
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Btl (75 cl)
Kaftan: Red, Tarboush. Kaffieh
New Release
Brand: N/A
A one size fit red kaffieh kaftan made from red fabric, with a Lebanese tarbouche embroidered on the front and back sides. Can be worn as a beach cover-up. Made in Lebanon.
Weight: 0.6 Kgs.
Kaftan: Red, Coffee, Kaffieh
New Release
Brand: N/A
A one size fit kaffieh kaftan made from red and white fabric, with a Lebanese coffee cup embroidered on the front and back sides. Can be worn as a beach cover-up. Made in Lebanon.
Weight: 0.6 Kgs.
Mastika Mastic Gum - علكة بنكهة المستكة
Brand: N/A
$80 Delivered -> (Goods: $80 + Ship: $0)
This product: price includes shipping worldwide!
Uncoated natural mastic flavored gum.
Sugar-free & Aspartame-free. Made with real premium mastic.
12 tins containing 12 pieces each.
Weight: 0.9 Kgs.
x 12 Tins
Bracelet: Bhebbak Lebnan,  Red, Leather
Brand: Lyliad
بحبك. Our hearts keep going there. Lebanon.
This handmade red bracelet is a love declaration to a country that has suffered, that is suffering today, but in which we place so much hope for a brighter future.

Made of a double layer of genuine leather, this Unisex bracelet proudly says: Bhebbak ya Lebnen (I love you Lebanon).
Weight: 0.15 Kgs.
Book: Birds of Lebanon, by Jaradi, Itani
Brand: The Association for Bird Conservation in Lebanon
A photographic guide to 404 species. By Ghassan Ramadan-Jaradi and Fouad Itani

(This book is sold in favour of the Association for Bird Conservation in Lebanon).

This remarkable guidebook highlights the wonderful beauty and amazing variety of birds found in Lebanon, illuminated with exquisite ornithological illustrations and stunning photos.

It is designed to help the Lebanese as well as visiting birdwatchers identify birds observed in the country.

This book includes a description with hints and tips for the identification of the 404 taxa known at the time of publishing of the book in Lebanon.

It provides an in-depth primer for new or aspiring birdwatchers and responsible hunters while offering a refresher course for the more experienced.

The reader will not only find a description of the bird but also details of its habitat in Lebanon, a calendar of the species’ presence throughout the year, additional information on threats facing each species in Lebanon, conservation status, as well as phenological status and sizes to help the observers comparing between species.

Format: 24 cm x 19.5 cm, Hardcover

Published: December 2019
Weight: 1.94 Kgs.
Book: Trust Your Journey By Sana AlBuainain
New Release
Brand: N/A
Trust Your Journey is a collection of thought provoking daily inspirations, guiding you to connect with your soul’s purpose, to live the best version of yourself and to better understand your mind, body, and heart connection. The perceptive messages are grouped within six chapters; Letting Go, Beginning, Dreaming, Connecting, Loving and Becoming. Each inspiration is followed by self-connecting questions that can be practiced in your day-to-day life.

Written by Dr. Sana Albuainian, whose life philosophy gained through many years of professional and personal challenges and growth, meshes principles of self-development, spirituality, and mindfulness. Her inspiring words encourage you to reach for your dreams, to discover your true calling, to trust your intuition, and to follow an authentic and fulfilling life journey.

Whatever your role, your pathway in life, or your personal philosophy, Trust Your Journey, challenges you to look deep within yourself and uncover the transformative power of soul alignment.

180 pages. Date of Release: April 2021.
Weight: 0.5 Kgs.
Book: LIBAN une histoire de cuisine familiale d'amour et de partage, by Tara Khattar
New Release
Brand: N/A
Celui qui a goûté la cuisine « maison » du Liban n’en oublie jamais le goût.

Tara Khattar, jeune cheffe libanaise talentueuse, qui vit aux États-Unis et qui a gagné l’émission américaine Chopped après avoir participé à Top Chef, en France vous invite aujourd’hui à entrer dans son intimité culinaire pour partager avec vous les saveurs si particulières d’une cuisine familiale et authentique.

Chacune des 100 RECETTES de ce livre est un hommage rendu à l’héritage que ses grands-mères lui ont légué en cuisine.

Elle a tout appris de leurs mains et elle tente, avec succès, de transmettre ce bonheur qu’elle ressent à chaque recette réalisée. Pour que chacun puisse se sentir chez soi dans n’importe quelle cuisine.

20 x 25.7 cm, 288 pages. Français. Published: 2021
Weight: 1.5 Kgs.
Gold Bracelet: Heart in Diamonds
Brand: Bijouterie Anid
$515  $500
Bracelet made of 18 K rose and white gold and 24 round diamonds. A wonderful gift for Valentine's or any other special occasion.

Approx Specs:
Gold: 2.19 grams
Round diamond: 0.15 ct
Heart size: 1 cm x 1 cm
Bracelet Lenght: 16.7 cm (max) or 15.2 cm (Adjustable)

Order execution time: 3 to 20 working days
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.
Maamoul Cocktail Dates Cinnamon (Oriental Sweets)
Brand: Rafaat Hallab Sweets (1881), Tripoli, Lebanon
Small mamoul dates flavored with cinnamon. Made of semolina, wheat flour, butter ghee, yeast, sugar, water, invert sugar, cinnamon, whole milk powder, stuffed with dates. Weight includes box.
Weight: 1 Kg.
x (2 x 450 g)
CD DVD: Julia Live in Concert Tyre 2018 (Julia Boutros)
Brand: N/A
Vol. Discount: $22 for 15 units or more
Julia Boutros' 2019 album.
2 CDs + 1 DVD featuring the Live recording from Julia's huge concert in Tyre (at the Hippodrome), Lebanon in 2018 accompanied by the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra (Maestro Harout Fazlian).


CD 1:

-Intro Tyre 2018
-Rajea Ilkon
-Aa Salamto
-Qelna Mazha
-Yawman Ma
-Aala Ma Yabdo
-Ila Al Naser Hya
-Qouwe W Mahabbe
-Deblo Ouyouno
-Boukra Chi Nhar
-Jawaz Bento

CD 2

-Weinn Msafer
-Betnaffass Heryie
-Nehna El Sawra Wel Ghadab
-Khalas Intahayna
-Ma Badde
-Ya Qessas
-Ilhaq Slahe
-Ghab Majdak
-Souwar El Ard
-Ghabet Chams El Haq


-Live Concert

Released: October 2019
Weight: 0.25 Kgs.
Book:   Maguy Farah 2021 - كتاب ماغي فرح
Brand: N/A
The new Maguy Farah book 2021. Astrology / horoscope. كتاب ماغي فرح
.تحولات كبرى ومعالجات شاقة
Weight: 0.75 Kgs.
Knafeh Jebni (Cheese) Tray for 15 people, wt Kaaki, Kunefe
Brand: Rafaat Hallab Sweets (1881), Tripoli, Lebanon
This product: delivery inside Lebanon only.
Delicious Knefeh (3 kg) filled with Cheese, in a tray for 15 people, with 15 kaaki. For breakfast or dessert. Suitable for gifts.
Weight: 3.25 Kgs.